Here is a Send Out Cards review to provide information about this business opportunity. You need to decide whether this opportunity is for you. Also included is relevant information to help you succeed in finding the most suitable opportunity for you.

DISCLAIMER: I am a Send Out Cards affiliate and I make use of the service extensively to promote my businesses.

If you haven't already, I would suggest that you check out the Send Out Cards opportunity website and see what it is about. The whole premise of Send Out Cards is to provide a card sending service at a fraction of the cost of retail vendors.

The network marketing model is a popular model for business growth and this is what Kody Bateman, founder and CEO, decided upon to promote Send Out Cards.

Kody's vision was what created Send Out Cards. He started Send Out Cards as a way to take action on the many missed "promptings" that occur daily in our lives.

Kody's last chance to hug and say goodbye to his brother didn't happen. Thinking it a "manly" thing to not hug, he didn't hug his brother. Kody didn't act on his prompting and heard, several weeks later, of his brother's freak accident and death.

Kody's vision was to create a way to act on "promptings" and Send Out Cards was the result....

It was his way of saying thank you to his brother.

In this Send Out Cards review, you will learn about the business opportunity and the potential to earn a residual income. Keep the following 3 fundamentals of any business in mind when searching for new opportunities:

1. A product that is of value.
2. A reliable and consistent pay plan.
3. Sturdy management and solid business plans.

The Send Out Cards product is, in and of itself, an excellent addition to the retail market. It is possible to send greeting cards for as little as $0.67 per card plus postage. Most retail stores' cards are often 2-3 times higher in price.

As a retail consumer, you can create lists, organize birthdays, anniversaries and more. The system will automatically remind you of when these dates are so you won't have to remember.

Included also is a way to send gifts such as books, treats and more. This, in and of itself, is a fantastic system.

The compensation plan, however, may not be for you. You need to reach the level of "manager" and above to make a large part of your SOC income. Your team needs to be at least 12 distributors with two personally sponsored to get to "manager" level.

Are you a focused and consistent person? If so, the SOC comp. plan will reward you well. Focus and determination alongside an attitude of learning marketing and promotion techniques will help your business grow. If you are new to the industry, it make take you a while to achieve this. Send Out Cards is a great opportunity provided you are aware of these conditions.

Become an opportunity buyer in this industry, do your due diligence and set yourself apart from the thousands who enter this industry daily.

SOC is an online card sending system. You can send cards to anyone around the world at any time you want! Using SOC, your card is automatically printed, stuffed in an envelope and stamped for you.

Being an online system, Send Out Cards can easily be promoted online. Growth opportunities appear to be many online. I had some problems with undelivered cards but the management has grown to accommodate the volume.

As a business opportunity, I recommend Send Out Cards as a good option for many business oriented people. Send Out Cards is backed by an excellent customer service and management team and they are set to grow.

Being an affiliate of the Send Out Cards opportunity is a good way to earn an income. Requirements for success are about marketing knowledge and new online promotional strategies.

The Send Out Cards business opportunity offers you a chance to take control of your financial situation. This review's thoughts are that Send Out Cards is not a pyramid scheme; it is a legitimate business opportunity.

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