Featuring local thespians, the play called the innocents, opened its curtains to the public. And the subject of many strange tales is a portrait, which happens to hang on the set of this show. Someone who chooses to be unknown had held on to this portrait for years. This lady recalls that she was traversing the road when this caught her eye that she just had to park and go buy it from the shop and she did not know why.

As she waited for the store attendant to hand it to her, she wondered how in the world could she afford it. It's almost time for the children to go back to school and books, clothes, and school supplies are to be bought. I am sorry I cannot afford it no matter how beautiful it is, she recalls pondering about these words which she will tell the saleslady. I just can't afford it, but as the clerk in the antique shop turned to put the picture back in the window she said in a very loud voice, I do want the picture, I can't afford it, but I'm going to buy it.

She then got it hurriedly and walked out of the store, nervous about how her husband could possibly react when he finds out she compulsively bought such an unnecessary and expensive thing, while she also tried to figure out what made her go ahead and buy it. Painted between the late 1800's and the early 1900's, this featured a Borzoi, a Russian wolfhound and it was painted in oil. It would be a wonder to someone trained to be familiar with this Russian wolfhound's features, why the artist chose to depict the dog in almost a straight on pose, where only its head and shoulders are painted but nevertheless it was a beautiful picture. The part of the chest and shoulder is not so proportioned as you might see.

The woman wondered how she still went ahead and got that strange picture even as her eyes were expertly trained toward the breed and knew that a Borzoi should not appear like so. When her husband arrived home that evening to find the picture hanging on the wall there was not the blow up of overspending the needed money for a portrait of a dog, instead there was the same strange attraction that she had felt.

Amateurs and experts have all taken shots of this painting but it never came out the same, ever. It was a wonder for the befuddled owners how there would be times that on the Borzoi painting's right side, a silhouette, like a face would appear, then there would be stranger moments when the dog would seem flat then three dimensional all of a sudden, and then strange lights would appear, making it black and white at times, then color at other times.

We can only blame light reflections or our overactive imaginations for I certainly do not think that there is something wrong with this dog portrait, stated the husband as he was discussing supernatural probabilities behind the portrait in their home. A huge ceramic dish from the wall fell with a crash but surprisingly, it was not broken, neither were there any cracks on its delicate surface.

The Innocents play producer director approached the couple who were very happy to loan the portrait to him after he explained that this would be great on his set, as the story he was doing is about the supernatural. Openly, they discussed with the producer that the portrait might have something mystical about it, specifically something that entered their home the day they bought it and they believe that letting him use this for his show can shed some light to their queries. This what they are at least hoping for.

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