Life is all about living.
We friends had a meet to discuss where we have reached in life. We met after about 20 years of college days.
Most of us have settled down in life, got jobs , had a good exposure in the field, earning a decent living, many got married and had children ; Most of our kids are entering or entered college and we were discussing the difference between our college days and the college day of today's children.

Some of us felt , life has not changed much , but our attitudes have changed ; there may be changes in the way we live in terms of mobile, television and transport etc , but basic human needs are still there. Emotions, feelings, relationships, money of course to some extent and time are the factors which still rule the way of life.

Of course , if , we take , for example , time , children today seem to have shortage of it in a day to day basis . They travel a good distance to school and though sometimes distance is not much , traffic em makes the time taken more to travel a short distance. Then their time is taken away in using mobiles , and watching television. Also being in apartments , space constraint is there to play in the evening. Again for the same reason of less space, they cannot indulge in gardening etc .

Then if we take the number roof persons in the house, due to nuclear family and with only one child , less people are there to share the load. Also most of the parents commute a good distance and work pressure is also more nowadays , so stress in terms of work and commuting , makes the parents too tired to sit down and discuss issues on a d daily basis with the kids. Most of the kids are sent for tuition in the evening , at least to avoid being alone in the house. Also parents do not get time to teach them .

Also in terms of sharing of resources at home , being a single kid, most of the children are pampered and sharing is not learnt by the kids. In fact , most of the households, because of the work timings and other preoccupations, all do not sit together and take food. Each is preoccupied with his own work at home , so discussion time is almost nil.

If each of the members can sit down for atlas ten minutes in the morning and in the evening , they can plan their work and also help each other mutually .For example , a simple thing like , preparing curd from milk and keeping the curd inside the refrigerator at the right time may avoid un necessary quarrel at the dining table regarding absence /quality of the curd.

Another factor is due to public transport being almost not dependable, each household has more than one two wheeler and/or one four wheeler. Maintenance of this is itself an issue. Add to that the difficulty in getting parking space both at the house , at work and in shopping malls.

If car pooling can be done with neighbours, it is good for the individuals as well as the city as a whole , as it can reduce carbon count .

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