You will find a number of people who love making new things look antique. Here are some tips that can help you out here. There are paints that give off that worn out look. Here is one painting technique that continues to amaze people from all over the world.

It was fun trying this tip out.

Use this kind of painting technique to achieve that weathered look. What you will need to do a great job is a paint brush for latex paint, roller and roller cover, drop cloths, latex satin wall paint, crackle medium, and masking tape.

Apply a base coat of latex paint to your walls, allowing the paint to dry at least overnight. If you want to select a color that will show through the crackle effect in the topcoat, use a satin finish for the base coat. May it be in pints or in gallons, there are plenty of crackle finish sellers.

Walls might need more than just one coat of crackle finish. For wall work, work with the crackle finish one area at a time. Before painting, seal some areas off with the masking tape. The only thing that you need to paint the walls is a brush or roller.

Prior to the application of crackle paint, be sure to cut in the edges. To achieve a great look, let the paint dry for an hour or so. Only apply the top coat of paint when the crackle finish has dried. You will not get a good finish if the crackle is left for too long. There are two methods when it comes to the application of the latex satin paint top coat.

It is a natural sea sponge that you can use to achieve fine cracks on your walls when the crackle has dried but if large cracks are what you want, use a paint brush. For large surfaces such as walls a brush works best. Do not think that your crackle project will be easy as pie.

At one end of the wall, start applying a coat of the crackle. The key to a successful finish is to apply the crackle, let it dry, and run through it with a paint brush and a coat of paint only once.

With long strokes that went in a straight direction from the ceiling to the floor, we painted our walls with crackle finish. One area at a time was how we painted our walls. One more thing, just like you, folks, we learned as we go. Here is where the manufacturer's recommendations need a lot of consideration.

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