Is it just me or are you also tired of listening to every other person play pundit? Every other person seems to be pointing at the next man when it comes to Politics, government and everything in between. In fact, almost every Nigerian is a critic, having so much delight in criticising the activities of one administration after another. After giving it some thought, I have decided to borrow some wisdom from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ- and I dare say "he who has not sinned should throw the first tantrum".

Just the other day, my Lawyer-neighbour began another round of his usual 'vituperation' spoken in the heat of passionate dislike of anything and everything government. I quickly reminded him that he's not one to complain. He was recently paid N5million by a firm to cover up a scandal. Maybe he doesn't know that the one that kills and the one that buries are both guilty.

Sometime ago, a Doctor decided to join a strike action. He was quick to lash out that funds meant to provide adequate healthcare for Nigerians were diverted by government officials into personal accounts. He went as far as taking an emotional approach, stating that hundreds of deaths could be avoided daily if funds for basic drugs and facilities were not stolen. This same Doctor who works at a government-owned hospital owns a private clinic. He has diverted drugs and basic equipment meant for the hospital to his private clinic. While poor Nigerians die each day due to inadequate medical attention, he makes a fortune by administering such drugs to patients at his private clinic.

The doctor's sister is the chief Matron of the hospital. She owns the pharmacy just across the road. She gets her own share of the drug booty. So while they starve the hospital of drugs, each patient is referred to the pharmacy 'across the road' to buy drugs. Yet, they both have the guts to partake in the 'sit-in' action and cry foul. What a shame!

Oga politician calls himself a political analyst and social critic. He is a choice guest on most political-oriented programmes both on radio and television. This admittedly sound and articulate politician is quick to tell us how our foreign reserves have fallen from over $40billion to less than $10billion as a result of the increasing demand for dollars, yet he owns an estate and a yatch in the United states, and his two daughters are students of an Ivy-league university in the states.

He argues that our government is not sincere about providing infrastructure such as good roads and power. Power? Did he just say power? I thought his company is the largest importer of Generators into the country. He's done everything within his power to sabotage plans to improve the power situation. What moral backing does he have to complain about a situation he has taken advantage of?

So Mr. Nwosu finally travels by road to Port Harcourt because he missed his flight. He is back home and will not stop complaining about the deplorable state of our roads. I am infuriated. How can he? You see, Mr. Nwosu is a road contractor. His elder brother is a top director at the Ministry of Works. He has a company alright, but with just three staff- a secretary, a personal assistant and a driver. His company does not own a single site safety helmet.

This is what happens. He wins a major contract and the budget is split into four major groups; one for the 'awarder' (and his boys), one for the awarding agent (and his boys), one for Mr. Nwosu (the 'awardee'), and the last part for the actual construction company that does the job. So what we find is a situation where the job is either never completed or done haphazardly.

The situation in Nigeria is such that every man sees himself as the victim until he looks at himself through the eyes of another man. Then he'll realise that he's as guilty as the next man. Most Nigerians only complain when they or members of their immediate families do not benefit from the loot. Whoever is not ready to clean after his neighbour should be careful not to call him dirty. Otherwise, 'Ogbeni' leave trash for LAWMA.

About Author / Additional Info:
Richard Imhoagene is a passionate writer, analyst, and strong optimist of the Nigerian dream. This is simply an expression.