There was light music , somebody playing flute in the Carnatic raag bhoopalam. It was so soothing and pleasant and the best way to get up in the morning listening to the melodious song being played. It was played by my unlce. It was another pleasure to have the company of all the relatives living in the same colony in individual flats , but sharing all the good things.

The colony was miles away from the city 's busy life . But it was self contained in terms of all the basic necessities. There was a children's school in the colony itself.
There was a college about ten miles , but again self contained in terms of the facilities required viz accommodation for the students , food etc . Also they had a big area for sports purposes. The students can choose any game and the facilities would be available to them to play. Also they had their own farm nearby. IT was again used by the agriculture students as project site and also the students and faculty got all their requirements without moving anywhere. There was also a mall to take care of the vision of the present younger generation to spend time. The entire colony was powered by solar power and the university and the college was still working full time to conserve more energy and make energy generation cheaper and again eco friendly.

Again the college , school and the university had their own industrial hub to take care of their requirements and the industry university collaboration helped them to get more intellectual property and make more revenue out of it by sharing and earning through the intellectual property transactions.
There was also a research centre specifically for religion , where all persons can interact and learn and use religion for the betterment of humanity.

Finally to take care of the killer instinct in us, new games are devised , which are designed to fulfill the capacities and desires of people and at the same time to inculcate the sense of humanness in all to make the term ...... as something unheard of .

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