All of us have various needs and thoughts in mind, but most of the things seems not favoring us..most time we may even feel depressed of things happening to us. Asking god why do you do this to me? Or why is it happening to me only? Apart from your hard work and dedication. What is missing?
I got a simple little secret which may help you indeed bring great change in your life.

This is the real key of success in many people's life, yes the urge of wanting to achieve things in life. Most of the successful persons would have done this either knowing or unknowingly .. to multiply their accomplishments through their subconscious mind.

Nothing is impossible, yes the mind which controls your body can also achieve your needs.
It can change the magnetic wave around you, when you fill yourself with positive thoughts like I will do it, I got it, I won, I am lucky, instead of I am not, automatically the mind change the fields around you and the negative waves get erased. People once who hated will start loving you...things that got away from you would come back to you. Yes you deserve what you want but strong believe over your subconscious mind is must.

Always keep thinking what you want and remember you dream it as that you got it and appreciate your mind yourself for getting it done. Let me give you my experience. I was doing my lower secondary. one day in the school assembly a student was appreciated as the best outgoing student of school. I didn't know what it was all about but I set my mind to get that award. I kept preparing my mind that I am receiving this award and thinking positively, but I was not sure about it, I waited and waited....

I completed my post graduation, but this time I stood as an university rank holder and also the best out going student in the hostel as well as in the college. This is the miracle that our mind presents us it takes time for preparation but for sure the feast is mind blowing.

So readers just try it and keep trying it sure our mind shall obey us and we shall be the more failures...its simple prepare your mind before sleep keep telling your mind what you want and your mind knows you deserve the fruit.

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