Everybody loves weddings, but nobody loves wedding stress. As the wedding day draws closer, there are more things to do, and this can increase stress levels of the couple sharply. Preparing for a wedding can be one the stressful things one can do.

There first step in combating wedding stress is to provision for stress management. The couple must know that, there the planning process will be stressful and to include stress management in their plans.

There would be influence from external people like family and friends as to what the plans should be. Respond positively to these and do not get angry. Include a chilling out time in your plans, if you feel stressed up, stop work and go to the movies, park or any place of your choice to relax.

Know the kind of wedding you want. Wedding stress may come as a result of people suggesting to you what kind of wedding it should be. It is OK to listen to them, but have at the back of your mind the kind of wedding you truly want. This will relieve you of a whole lot of stress trying to figure out which suggestion to take.

Do not expect a perfect wedding. One major cause of wedding stress is trying to cater for everybody in your wedding plans as you want everything to go perfectly as planned. That may not be, there will be a few hitches here and there. Try not to get frustrated when things do not go well as planned.

Get Rest - Taking time to rest is one important way of dealing with wedding stress. Without enough sleep, you're more likely to cry over the slightest things, argue with your friends and family members, and make your wedding vendors sad, you may ruin the entire wedding. If you have difficulty sleeping, take an over the counter sleeping pill. Alcohol may not help you to sleep, so avoid it.

Do not try to do everything by yourself. Ask your family or friends for help when you feel you need it. When they come offering their help, do not say no, show them how they can be of help to you. This will relieve you of a lot of work and help you relax. They may also keep you company as they help. You may hire the services of a professional wedding planner if the resources are there.

Start the wedding plans early enough. Getting things done bit by bit over a longer period may take the stress out of your wedding, than trying to do everything within a short time. Once you have decided to get married, start the preparations. Do some of the shopping that need to be done. Items like clothes and shoes can be bought and kept over a long period.

The anxiety of getting married can give you wedding stress. This may happen when the couple does not take adequate time to think about the decision to get married. Take it as having to go stay with a friend for the rest of your life. This will reduce the anxiety and take the stress out.

The wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day in your life. Do not let wedding stress take the happiness out of your day.

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