We have been overlooking the makeover of our bathrooms every-time we plan of a home renovation. The only time they actually got any attention was when the tub tiles, got ugly and required cleaning up or replacing. However this is not the case now. Washrooms are no longer only porcelain equipped rooms, 'decorated' with mere magazine racks, loaded with newest magazine editions. The way the washrooms are perceived today is completely different from what it was earlier.

As a matter of fact, the people feel it is as necessary to have a beautiful bathroom, as it is to have a comfortable bedroom. The constant availability of different style and colour palates in bathroom finishing is one of the reasons. They not only render the bigger bungalow mansions impressive, but work wonderfully to enhance the beauty of the smaller bathrooms in condos, as well. Everything, from soap trays, lotion dispensers, waste cans and all the things we use, are used for serving the purpose of giving it a better look. Yet, you can let you imagination run wild. With thousands of different types of accessories and tiles available, there are lots of choices. But, there are also a number of fixtures, which have been suitable only for the more spacious bathrooms. Everything, ranging from whirlpools to saunas to bars, is widely available today.

It is of no surprise that there have been many innovations and developments, inclined towards economizing space. Although whirlpools are trying to remove the tubs and take their place; they were initially designed in the 80s to fit the space of the tub. The best grouping now would be between a whirlpool and shower. One good thing about the pedestal sinks is that they use very less area. Thus, the room seems bigger.

The bathtub is removed, and a more effective set up involving a whirlpool with a shower stall at the side is affixed. If space is not a problem, you can make way for more luxurious and comfortable fittings, bathtubs especially. Wide and deep bath tubs are very people among those who have space at their disposal. Many innovative designs of bath tubs are flooding the bathroom fittings market and people prefer to experiment.

People still go in for fittings that meet their daily requirements as they do not see a lot of sense in getting a big, deep bath tub. The design for a self cleaning bathroom has never really been put on paper. Until someone does, people will be concerned with maintenance. Pedestal basins are often equipped with 20 centimeter taps which is easier to clean and options such as shower stalls are increasingly popular because they not only look good, but also help keep the room clean. Using cast iron is also another good option. Cast iron fittings are very strong and stay for years without shifting.

Modernising the bathroom is probably the most expensive room to do so and cast iron costs nearly three times of what porcelain would. Porcelain is the favourite material when it comes to bathroom renovation.

The expenses attached to renovating a three piece bathroom set will amount to a little over $6000. For some of course, money is not a problem. The renovation of one particular bathroom cost a man $40000. The high cost was because of marble tiling on the walls and the floor, smoked mirrors and gold plating on the bathroom fixtures. The windows and the lights of the bathroom had pictures made on them.

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