Inspection inspector is also known as Quality inspector. The basic job of an inspection inspector is quality checking, that is performing testes based on the product specifications before a product is launched into the market.

Let us now discuss the functionalities of an inspection inspector in a metal manufacturing industry. They perform trials and audit checks for defects detected, they report it to the production supervisor, so that repairs or replacements will be done for eliminating them. They also check whether the particular product meets the ISO Quality standards. Also they ensure reliability of the product while performing temperature and other tests. They do radio-activity radiation checks for the metal scraps and alloys. They perform value checks and conduct reviews while conducting inspections. They also do calculations based on product requirements and specifications. They also follow the shipment and trading regulations.

Sandeep Garg and Company (SGNCO), a metal scrap inspection firm is now looking for inspection inspectors for scrapping ferrous and non-ferrous metals, inspecting and performing quality checks. SGNCO obliges to the international standards followed in the countries like UK, Australia and USA.

For metal scrapper companies like SGNCO, the inspection inspectors look over the recycling processes through waste management how scrap metals are converted into steel, after which they perform various testes for checking its tensile strength, reliability, corrosion tests, reactivity tests etc. They also perform weight testing for ensuring how many tons of metals are converted into how many tons of steel metal. They ensure that it is carried out with a green environmental aspect that is causing less or no harm to the environment. If any of the performance fails, they will report it to the concerned production supervisor for addressing the issues and discussing the solutions for them.

SGNCO requires graduates from science background who are experienced or freshers. They must be capable of performing inspections in various countries such as USA, Australia, Europe, Africa etc. Preference will be provided for the experienced married candidates and those who have travelled in foreign countries. The candidates must carry a valid passport. The candidates must carry a valid passport. Those who are eligible to apply should send email to SGNCO with their resume, passport copy and visa copy (if traveled anywhere).

Those candidates who are willing to apply for this job are asked to view SGNCO website and they can also refer to Jobs dada website under the job category "Manufacturing".

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