It was a hot sunny Saturday for me as I was waiting to board the train to reach my home after completing my weekend classes. There were different kinds of people sitting around me waiting for train as usual. Since it was taking long time, I started listening to songs.

A blind man of 45 years of age came and sat near to me. People who use to travel in suburban trains in chennai will be much aware of these kinds of blind people. Some will sing and try to get some money from commuters and some will sell some plastic items like comb, or some may sell groundnut sweet burbies.. Which is my all time favourite:)

So this blind man who was sitting near me, was counting the groundnut sweet burbies and he was packing it perfectly, which surprised me.Even though i was listening to music, my thoughts were about him and the way how he placed that burbies perfectly

It has been nearly 20 minutes and train didn't come . This blind man stood up and started walking towards the boarding place of train. He used his stick to help his way towards the boarding point.

At one point of time, he reached the boarding point but still he was using his stick to find something else, i thought he was trying to place himself in a comfortable position to board the train.

But that intelligent guy, with the help of stick, found the track and he spit there in the tracks, beneath the boarding point and again he came back and sat near to me. This might be small incident, and many may say it is not big thing but for me it made me to think he is the perfect human being without any disabilities.

I have seen many normal peoples, who used to spit in common areas without any hesitation. But this guy even though he cannot see the world, he is helping it to be perfect. At that moment i thought that Normal people are really handicapped with their thoughts and activities

There are lots of things which we should learn from these intelligent and smart people, which will help us to make this world a more peaceful and comfortable one.They are confident, they know wat to do and how to do.

He is not blaming his inability, he is working on his own, he is earning for himself, he is not depending on any one for anything and he is doing small things like this which is one a way a conribution from him to make this world better. I may not see him again but still i remember him as a intelligent, smart and great guy who taught me how to live and how our behaviour in social environment will bring up small change in the others life and activities.

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