Human brain can do anything on earth; it can change the face plate of the drastic situations. That is why there is a saying that" nothing is impossible in the world". If we go through the history of ours we may really feel that there is a great change in the face plate of the generation. Here comes the question that why there is a huge change in these past years to the present scenario. The answer may be of "Technology". Yes, it is all about technology that creates gap. It has its way of advantages and disadvantages.

Whatever be it whether an advantage or disadvantage all comes in feature according to its usage in the daily life. If we take up an example of our past to the present scenario we may feel great that technology has helped us to cross the borders which even we were not able to imagine also. Starting from the footprint on the moon to the regular washing of cloths we are addicted to technology. It has immensely helped us to achieve our targets. In the past there were no medicines or technology that was helping us to know about our health such as Neuro, gastro and cardio many more. But if we check the present scenario we have achieved a lot. Now we can know anything about these with the help of equipments developed through the immense research work from the scientists. We used to wash our cloths manually by doing lot of struggle to vanish the stains on those cloths. But now the washing machine is helping us to do things in a flexible manner. If we leave all this and think of the great technology that has helped human era is Computers and Internet. It has changed the lifestyles completely. Sitting at one place we can gather a lot of information whatever is required.

Going through Google we can get any information under the umbrella of earth. This is what a real technology helps us to achieve. Starting from education to the sports segment, technology is really helped us to think of something out of box and implement. There was a time that people used to travel longer distances to attend meetings or to resolve problems at workplace. But now it is resolved with the help of "Video conference" technology. Sitting at one place (New York, USA) the person can speak to the other person sitting at other end (Hyderabad, India) and can easily solve his problems without travelling such a long distance. In the olden days we used to write letters, telegrams to send our message, but then it changed to Fixed Phone, and now it is changed to Mobile phones. There is no hesitation in saying that in every ten members of a team there are at least 4-5 mobile phones are available. We were running in and around to have a snap of ours with the camera in 1980's but now most of the mobile phones have the facility to capture the images. Even it's growing bigger with Internet and 3G spectrum at the present scenario. Hence if we see all these, we may conclude that the technology is really a boon for us.

But on the other hand it may be a bane too. How we are using it is makes technology as a bane. Internet is used to gather information and knowledge. But if the same thing is used to learn bad things is really bane for the human kind. For Ex: If a 7-9 year kid is collecting information for his education then internet is really helpful whereas if he is using it for pornographic pictures then it is really a matter of concern for us. Mobile phones are there to have a message pass on over voice or text, but if it is used as a device for other bad things is really a problem for us. Apart from these the mobile camera is being used for different purposes under the bad strategies. If we speak a lot over phone then there are lots of health hazards for us. Hence technology also provides us the bad path to run.

Hence Internet and Mobile revolution has changed the world completely. It may be a good or bad. But end of the day Technology has given us the boon as well as bane too.

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