Writing. All of us at some point of time or other , write. Some may be writing only in examination. Some write as a part of their work. Even though we communicate orally, to share our thoughts with others , writing is a good option.

Letter writing was an art and now almost forgotten art now. Very few people write letters nowadys , mostly those who belonged to the earlier generations.
However writing in general is still prevalent on a large scale. We have so many types of writings viz books , articles in newspapers. editorial in newspapers, letters to the editor, technical writing like articles in journals, patent specification writing etc.

Each of the above require different type of skills and knowledge to get good readership as well as act as a source of income .

In addition to writing as jpbwork , people also write as hobby including variety of subjects viz sports writing , discussions on current topics , comparing opinions of different sects of the population etc.

Here would like to refer this website itself and also its predecessor "write articles.org" , which do encourage lot of would be or upcoming writers like me to freely air their views.
In the present world lot of happenings are due to the words. It is said, "pen is mightier than the sword"
We have seen instances of some social media sites , being banned for sometime , because, the views aired therein stimulate tension or distrust in a category of people in a region(s) and may crete more unrest. This is an example of the negative effect of wrong writings.
So it is imperative that the writing content , particularly in the mass media is put up after a lot of deliberations and scrutiny .
Also on the other hand, another angle is to encourage people to air their views, as in a democratic setup such as ours , more the discussions and debates on any matter, it can positively be passed on to the humanity at large.
The present world is full of negativity in the air due to various reasons. One main reason , in my humble opinion is that the newspapers and news media as such propagate lot of news or information of negative nature with a big blowup. For example, floods may be news. But more information about , how , in a flood situation, samaritans came together and helped the affected people may be more important , than just giving statistics. For example, last year 100 people died , this year number is doubled etc.
Sports , which is an area , to be utilised for better living by being sportive and participating in competitions , is becoming more of economic values being given prime importance. Also added to that is the drug menace like steroids among sportsmen. Here again good articles about great sportsman highlighting the efforts they took in their career , particularly in the beginning of the career, the pains they took and how they learned from their failures setbacks etc , will encourage new budding sports enthusiasts to learn from the great leaders and enrich from their experience.
Another area of great importance is religion. religion should help people to live better. If one can know more practical aspects of life , from /through their religions, it will be a great boost to lead a good life.

Also writing should be encouraged from school days itself . Daily dairy writing is a good habit , Just to know what we think, because by expressing ourselves , we can understand our own minds better .

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