Fireplaces have been around for centuries. To begin with the fireplace was just a heat source. Then in the Victorian era people started looking at it for more than just heat. They wanted it to appear nice within their home. They were not made to be a decoration for the home they were there for heat. It was during the Victorian era they realized that besides producing heat they could bring a nice look to the house. People began making fireplace mantels and unique designs to make them look nice inside a home.

For the most part the most common type of a fireplace was wood burning ones. Gas lines started being installed in homes and this gave manufactures the idea to hook into this fuel source for fireplaces. For this reason gas fireplaces became popular. Gas fireplaces are a time saver and in a fast paced word this convenience made them popular. Wood burning fireplaces can take a lot of time and resources to keep up. That is why the instant fire a gas fireplace provides became so popular.

Electric fireplaces became popular as well around the same time as gas fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are great for those in a home that do not have a fireplace installed already. This gave people the feel and look of a fireplace without needing installation. All you had to do was plug it in to a wall. You will never be able to heat your home with these as they are not made to do that.

Fireplaces have changed greatly from the time they first came around during the Victorian times. Fireplaces are no longer the most efficient choice for heating your property due to the advancements made with central heating. Fireplaces aren't needed for a homes heat source. People want their fireplace to make a statement today. They could care less about if it heats the space or not. For these reasons modern fireplaces have grown to be very popular. Modern fireplaces use electric, gas or even gel for their flame, you can forget wood. Modern fireplaces have unique designs and shapes. They no longer need to be set up along with your home and be a part of its structure. They can be hung on the wall, set in a corner or perhaps be free floating in your room.

Fireplace design will continue to push forward because the consumer demands these unique, functioning fireplaces. Fireplaces will be a staple in a house, so they will continue to change as peoples tastes change.

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