Many boast that there is no Gender discrimination anymore. If the difference and harassment
is just due to the anatomy difference then we can justify saying that it is the fate. But what if it due to MALE EGO then, is there is a remedy for that, the readers are left to guess the right answer


She could become a ruler
Not because of her height or charm
But due to her efficient governance
To hold reign without strain
But she is not let to rule
For she is SHE not HE.

She can talk with ease
In any language as one please
No stage fright or crowd fear
Gender difference not a worry
But she is not allowed to talk
For she is SHE not HE.

She can manage the entire wing
With spirit of integrity, oneness link
Skill at work, mind to bend
In any kind of work at end
But she is not let to manage
For she is SHE not HE.

She is left to cook at will
Wash and scrub no stand still
Wipe and clean, dust and brush
Wail and cry, mourn and lament
All that can be done without bar
For she is SHE not HE.



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