It can catch any one attention to notice Syrian and Israeli flags together in an iPhone game named "Doggy Trouble"; well, at least it caught mine!

However, one of the most question that can this newly released game arose is that: will Syrian Flag replace the traditional known Arabic and Islamic flag of Saudi Arabia? Knowing that it may be the first time to neglect that green and white traditional Islamic and Arabic one.

Can't believe this article yet? Well I have included some links to see for yourself how those two flags showing their stars in this game released just few days ago!

If such game was truly developed according to an individual behavior from the developer him/her self, then it may mean nothing. But and a BIG BUT! if it was made on purpose to include such flags together (Syrian and Israeli), then what could be behind such scene that meant to be distributed in such a cheap price of $0.99?

Could it be another global conspiracy? if so, what would it mean?
Below are few possibilities of such reasons of such possible conspiracy:
1) Such presentation of those two flags can lead to creating a starting point of a gap between Syria and its allies.
2) Accordingly, it will decrease the distance between the two antagonistic countries.

It is still possible that it is an ordinary game and has nothing to do with policy and the theoretical reasons above; however, and in this case, it would mean that the KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and other Arab countries such as Egypt, truly began to loose their roles and respect globally and a new era of a new Arab country such Syria will start to play the role as the Arab Godfather!

Syria and Israel were on the verge of completing the peace process back in the 90's, rumors abound about the possibility of their return to their table of negotiation again.

Whether we like it or not, everything is possible nowadays, yesterday enemy can be your tomorrow's friend! This is policy that is governed by business ideology and economy!

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