Time Management

Management of time is an important factor in person's life and especially students. One must plan whole day activity for avoiding any confusion. The main important aspect is that every work should be done at specific time be it study, learning, reading, playing or some other work. Student's maximum time goes in schooling and coaching classes hence parents ought to be cautious how to deal with them in leisure time. Parents should not compel them just to study and study as mind is not fit for studying after a dedication of half of the day for school and classes. At least once in a week do take them for an outing and from time to time do feed them with best chocolates and biscuits or fruits of their choice. Always be polite, truthful and honest with children as they would imitate parents as children are very much associated with them. Children should not fear their parents but on the contrary they should come forward to say their problems.

Many parents complain that the children waste a lot of time. A common complaint is that children are lazy. They do not do things in time. Either they keep sleeping or doing worthless things, while neglecting studies. Children are always unhappy when parents make such statements. But very few children actually try to know why parents say so. Resting, relating or even lazing at times is not bad. But when one has to do some work, one must take care that is done is a reasonable time. If the time frame of our work is taken care of, no one will ever have complaints about our relating or lazing. But if we do not do it, there are problems. We must have noticed that both parents and teachers talk about habits. Children are always asked to break bad habits and develop good ones. Of course, the definition of good and bad habits is always relative. The habits good for the children may be bad for their parents and teachers. Yet, we must realize that there is a common yardstick that determines the quality of habits. Study is an important thing in the life of every student. But study cannot be the only thing in life. To make our life good, we have to have hobbies and must know how to have and use leisure. A proper balance of study, hobbies and leisure can help us grow in life. As we are doing this, with proper time management, we can even achieve greater emotional and cognitive awareness that increases our grasping and comprehensive habits.

Mr. Liyakat Shah

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A teacher by profession