Drama seems to follow the NFL. From OchoCinco to Terrell Owens - it's everywhere. This 2010 preseason has been no exception. Let's take a look at a few of the top drama stories that are going on as we speak.

Favre Drama
The Brett Favre drama never seems to end. I thought maybe, just maybe, this year he would tone down the drama and just make a simple announcement regarding his future. After all the Lebron backlash you would think he may have learned his lesson. Obviously not. Favre stories are all over the place. There was some alleged texts floating around from Brett Favre to his current Vikings teammates stating that he was done. Favre said his ankle wasn't healing properly and he was going to retire. I think most sports fans new better. After the media jumped on it and reported it in full force, they finally talked to Brett. Favre was like, "uh, no. I never sent those texts." He went on to say he was planning on playing if he healed up properly. Wow, what drama. The Vikings need this guy but all of us sports fans DO NOT need anymore Brett Favre Drama.

The Bengals Drama Machine
Even though we haven't had much drama out of Bengals camp yet - the potential is just huge. Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens paired up on a team. What a media dream come true for Cincinnati reporters. Who do you think can come up with the best touchdown dance? Which NFL drama queen will be the first to complain about not getting the ball enough? Can these two co-exist? Should be an entertaining season Bengals fans.

We would love to hear from you if you think there were other stories worth mentioning prior to the 2010 NFL season. So what kind of drama can we expect next season? Hopefully Favre is done for good. I'm sure TO or OchoCinco will be up to something again. Any arrests? Big trades? Rumor has it Peyton Manning is about to sign the largest NFL contract for a quarterback ever. He probably deserves it! Tom Brady won't be so happy but whatever. We shall see!

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