Social networking is one of the best methods of relaxing these days. Many people feel that after a hard days work, they should get on to the social network and then unwind. They feel that the place to be is these social networks, where they have many virtual friends. As the people who try to be on the social networks want to have a lot of people to add to the fun, they start adding a lot of friends. This can lead to various problems over a period of time.
There are many disadvantages that come to the fore when one thinks of them a little more deeply.

1. Loss of privacy:

The first and the most important reason for any person to try not to spend too much time on the internet, especially on the Facebook site is that there is a loss of privacy. Facebook is one of the internet giants that have millions of visitors every day. In fact it is gaining popularity to be one of the sites that has many people spending a lot of time. So what is significant about this? The truth is that the people from the Facebook site know that they do not have a proper privacy policy. This has already led to a lot of issues and is sure to lead to various further problems. There is only one method to deal with this and that is to avoid the site completely. The other factor about the lack of privacy is that the personal details of all the members are also very valuable and can be used by the site for various reasons that are not very good.

2. Waste of time:

There is also a waste of time when people spend a lot of time on the Facebook site. There are many people who try to do their work, but when they switch on the internet, all they start doing is to log onto the social networking site like Facebook and they end up spending a lot of time on it. This needs to be prevented too and there is no better way other than trying to avoid the site. It has been found that almost a majority of the people who visit the Facebook site are involved in social gamin activities. This means that the person is spending so much time in the site that there could be a criminal waste of time because of this issue.

3. Addiction:

Addiction is one of the major problems in the site. As the people who are on the site start spending too much time in it, they become addicted to the site, the games and all other activities about the site, this makes the people to spend a lot of time in these activities and this causes them to avoid other work. This addiction is very dangerous too as it can lead to various health and mental complications.

These are just some of the common disadvantages of using the Facebook site. Any person who wants to use the Facebook site will do better to know of these disadvantages because many people fall headlong into the site and then are never able to recover because they are neck deep in everything before they even realize it. So if you would like to have a great networking experience, then it is better to avoid certain things on the site!

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