Is the Indian youth really patriotic? Does patriotism only mean hoisting the national flag on Independence Day or crying after watching Rang De Basanti? Sadly, that seems to be the case for majority of Indians who are going abroad in search of greener pastures.

Every year thousands of Indian students are going abroad to pursue higher education. Most of them never return. I agree that the research facilities available there are way better than those available in India but hardly a few students go there solely to pursue their academic interests. Most of them just want to get a green card and settle down to a comfortable life in the West.They are allured by the glitz and glamor of the West. It is disheartening to see the young, brilliant minds of our country working for some other country.

One of the important reasons behind brain drain is the increasing influence of western culture among the youth of India. They are losing respect for our culture. I am not saying we should believe in superstition or accept casteism. Traditions must not be accepted at the cost of independence. I am all for free thinking and modernization but modernization is becoming synonymous with westernization. A simple example is that the people who speak English in my college are considered to be smart but those who speak Hindi are looked down upon. American sitcoms are becoming more popular than Bollywood movies. Gone are the days when guys used to imitate Shah Rukh Khan. Everyone wants to be like Johny Depp now. Get hold of any guy's iPod and you are most likely to find songs of Green Day and Justin Bieber (just kidding).Indian art and culture is getting worldwide recognition but it is not getting much appreciation from the Indian youth. We must take pride in the fact that our culture is unique. We are like no other country. Khalid Hosseini's description of Afghanistan before war period in the book The Kite Runner shows us his love for his motherland. Shouldn't we feel the same about India? India can produce many Adeles and Beyonces but America cannot produce another A R Rahman.

No Hollywood hero can romance heroines better than Raj Kapoor or Shah Rukh Khan. None of their actresses can match the grace and beauty of Nargis. I personally feel that people who speak in Hindi or adore Bollywood movies are way cooler than those who try to fake the American accent. Let us remove those Green Day or Justin Bieber posters from our hostel rooms and fill the space with posters of A R Rahman and Ranbir Kapoor(my personal favorite). We are living in very competitive world today. There is recession, inflation, unemployment and what not. We all know the problems that our country is facing as that is what we always talk about. But we must realize that no one can solve these problems better than us. There is opportunity for everyone to showcase their talent. You can succeed in any field be it science, art or politics. All that you need is perseverance. Isn't succeeding with a minimum availability of cash and resources more challenging and exciting than working in a posh company abroad. I certainly feel so and I am sure there are many people like me who feel the same way.

This article is not meant to hurt anyone's sentiment. I am merely appealing to my fellow Indians to take pride in our country's rich heritage. Let us awaken the patriotism that is lying dormant within us and work together to build a new India.

All this might sound cliched but it is a sincere appeal. Gandhiji said that whatever we do will be insignificant but it is very important that we do it. Jai Hind!

About Author / Additional Info:
I am an Indian student and this is my first article.Please do read my article and give your valuable feedback.