We are three -- my wife, my daughter and myself.

For different reasons, we were living with all relatives away and so all purposes lived connecting to only the three of us amongst us.

My wife is a perfectionist and wants the house spic and span . She goes on a cleaning spree quite often and also sees the aesthetic view of the house. She always runs short of time, as for her 48 hours in a day is not sufficient to do her chores. For example, when she finishes her breakfast work and comes out if the kitchen, she cleans the kitchen , as if the day's work is over.

My daughter on the other hand , does minimum of work. At the slightest pretext , finds reasons for not doing the job that day and postpones it for th next day. It indirectly means , not doing the job. If it is so urgent , anyhow my wife will do it for her.
In spite of their opposite nature, my wife used to continuously pinpoint their pending work and my daughter used to argue and try to convince , why the work need not be done that day and why it can be postponed to the next day.
My daughter left for spending time with her uncles in lank recently.

my wife as usual kept busy with the routine chores . Of course with technology , following my daughter's routine in the distant lanka also. Cannot stop monitoring , though my daughter reminds her that she has grown up and can take decisions and also look after herself.
My wife expects her to report every hour, particularly when she has gone out of the house.
Not much of two wheeler driving is allowable. Four wheeler driving si ok. But my daughter has not learnt four wheeler driving yet.
Myself do not involve much and would like my daughter to start taking decisions and learn to grow on her own and be self dependant and cling to parents for every thing for advice.
During this trip, my daughter went for adventures. For example, she took photo with a real life tiger . Of course the legs were tied. Also security was monitoring. But still, the tiger could me and even the slightest provocation may be sufficient for the tiger to attack us.
This is just one example. My wife is afraid of water. My daughter went for a water ride and and floated in the water. , Where the water was very deep.
Also another aspect was spending money. OF course, i tole her since she is going on a trip , spending money cannot be avoided. But she can avoid buying on impulse, check clothes for size, fitness and money before sending the money. This is required to avoid purchases which are extravagant or sometimes not immediately required etc.
I was just counting in terms of seconds , as to how many seconds are there before she returns home.

Also was trying to list out things which she has asked me to to do and do them.
Thus prepare for her. Also prepare myself to live with her.
TO share my experiences with her to help her live better.
My daughter likes to go on shopping spree. I for one , told her , she cannot avoid spending money. but she can be frugal in deciding where to spend and how much to spend. For example, avoid spending 1000 rupees in a five star hotel for tender coconut, when the same is available for the same quantity and quality outside the five star hotel for 20 rupees.
another angle is to buy dresses after checking size, whether it suits our climate, whether the price is reasonable and also whether more number purchase is good etc.
Also since talking over phone was limited, was not able to share more of our experiences instantly.
This is just a gist of the views and thoughts that ran in my mind during the last ten days.

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