A dream
It was 9 pm. Was working on the laptop and playing maze game . Was also listening to Rap songs. The airconditioner was on , as the summer was scorching outside, even though the sun had set much earlier.

It was so pleasantly cool and was also tired mentally and physically after the day's strenuous work.

So drifted into sleep. Had a fantastic dream.
MY colleague brought his new car and asked me to get in. THE starting speed itself was 100 . Within no time we had left the city behind and were in the highway. It was a eight lane highway with speed limit of 300. We were almost flying and without touching the ground. Suddenly we started picking up altitiude .My friend then disclosed that it was a car cum plane and now we are moving to a destination 3000 kms away and will be there in a few hours. Could not believe my eyes ,a s I started seeing below through the window and seeing clouds below us. It was a autotransformation from car to plane , my friend told . No need of Special actions, as initially itself due to the speed, we were putting on our belts.
There was another surprise as we were having another similar car nearby and it was bigger than us and enveloped us in no time .
Then we found our car engine was off and we were travelling in the bigger car which was almost exactly like a plane . We could get our belt off and walk around . There was a bar and also a restaurant. We sat there in the stool and had a drink. The light music was on and also there were some girls dancing to the tunes swaying their body . Also at another end bridge card games was on . We also saw a man doing mimickry and also a magic show on nearby.
As we getting already wonderstruck by what we saw around, we had more surprises. There was a big monitor showing a 4D movie in a small hall nearby. There was a massage parlour and spa also . We had a separate swimming pool too and by the side of the pool was the sauna.

We had a great time at the sauna and then went to the swimming pool. We entered the pool and move d around.
Suddenly I realized that the depth of water was suddenly increasing and in addition I also remembered that I do not know swimming. I tried my best to put my head above the water and try floating . But the water was forcing me to drown . With great difficulty was trying to open my eyes and force my self out of the water..
When I could succeed in opening my eyes, then I realized that I was sitting in front of the laptop and had dozed off.
It was really a thrilling dream.

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