This article will throw light on certain areas which are overlooked by the government. India is a fast developing country as the new youths generation has put a step towards improving the country in every field and everywhere human rights are still overlooked these days although stating that the country is democratic. By building bridges, flyovers, improving transportation and health in certain areas and looking into the education system in the country are some efforts made by the country to move one step ahead.

Adaptation of westernization by the youth has made a different cultural norm for the country. In the field of science and technology the country has made a lot of difference overseas and ready to compete with other nations but do you by all these efforts the country has improved. The country is still lacking behind on human rights. Many sensitive issues are still overlooked and cause a harm to local citizens. Women are still insecured about themselves. Insecurity has always meant to me a lack of security. There are a number of frequent rape case, child abuse, physical violence women still face and on demanding for their rights from the government is turned down. Many protest against such issues still prolong for a very long time and vanishes because of pressure from higher authorities but proper and a clean verdict is not given. Employment another field of importance still is far away from being improved. Due to the recession till now many citizens of the country are still not getting jobs and unemployed. A person plans to become someone in future but lands up somewhere else.

Many of the youths still depends on Bpo's and other odd jobs to earn a living. The trust and faith is lost upon the government on many occasions when the right justice is not given to them. Many young passed youths immigrate to foreign to settled down in life as they belief that government has nothing for them in store. Due to high price rise in everything such as food, lodging and etc, people cannot even think what to do and how to manage because the salary provided is so less that its hard to manage a simple living. Days are becoming harder day by day. We are a free nation but for us we pay more than what we get. Like any other developing country India's population is increasing day by day putting a lot pressure on the fixed and limited resources and leaving many Indians to fight poverty.

Debt problems also appears to be a problem in most of the developing countries in the world today. Unnecessary and forced rules and regulations is another problem in all developing countries. India is counted as the second place in the growth of population these days. Agarian areas till now face problems and farmers suffer, they demand for their hardwork is not paid off yet. They still don't get the proper price for they crops and many are under debts for the rest of they lives. If a country's growth is populated on a high scale the development of the country becomes slow. In the field of jobs youngsters move from one place to the other and a change from a rural lifestyle to an urban living is seen where a person has to adapt to diverse cultures, religions, the economic conditions, language and lifestyles. Most of us silently live our lives and those who open up are suppressed down. In such case its high time for the government to do for the public than see to luxury. To make a free world and nation we have to stand up for our rights and others too.

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I am a free minded author and write what i observe. I dont feel to go against anyones feelings or ideas and hurt sentiments. People who are facing hardships or feel to share their views and comments are most welcome to do so if you like what i write and your comment would help me to improved further