There is none in this world who has not experienced GRIEF. Due to various reasons we experience grief. Those who are in grief are in another world. Though grief arouse negative feeling one has to procure the positive energy by experiencing the negative first and recover from that.


Feeling of being blind; No light
Onward move a maze; No-way out
Not a straw to cling, or drop to drink
Only tears trickle from sunken eyes
Dark shadows around drooping lids
Hands clasped and unclasped; No lead
Tuff of hair pulled; No pain
Mouthful of food eaten, taste bitter
Flock of friends; none could cheer
Arms extended was only a shadow
Just echo throbbed; No other voice
Flowers fragrance like burnt corpse smoke
Brick upon brick laid; still ground level
Drawn deep from well; only clay filled
Waded and swam to see other side
Weary limbs forced to drown
Boats sail set to see other shore
Winds swept away beyond horizon
Tried to fill the pit; not to fall
Sand was scarce, pit bottomless
Gestures to make others know
Taken as those of a clown on show
Words spoken out; to state the truth
Was chocked within the throat
Medicines for cure turned adverse
Nightingale and cuckoo sang all day
Melody unheard; ears stone deaf
Oasis seen after miles of desert walk
Was only mirage; mere hot sand
Wanted a hut at hometown
Not a grain of sand truly own

Jacintha Morris A
Welfare Assistant
AG's Office, Trivandrum


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