Smartphone is the common word in the present era of Mobile revolution. The market of Smart phones is growing like anything. Each part of the globe or Nation it has reached its footprints. No matter who is the OEM for the mobile device or no matter which OS it contains but people need smartphones. As per IDC, there is a growth of 54.7% in 2011 Q4 for the smart phones and the sales numbers will reach to one billion by 2015. There is no surprise that 60% of the teenage are addicted to smart phones for games and applications. Even in India, The OEM's are focussing on cost efficient smart phones and tablets to reach the tier II and rural market.

The OEM's like Samsung are talking about changing the country towards smart. That is for sure that in a short span of time there will a huge growth in smart phone market. When you can do all the needy things used to do from PC and you may stay anywhere it does not matter. Most of the people keep the phone next to the bed while sleeping. This shows the addiction or the demand level of smart phones in the market.

The big players have released the operating systems like Android, iOS, windows and on. Android has reached the market well as per the number of tie ups with OEM's. It has reached the market with Samsung (crossed the sales numbers against NOKIA in India),htc, LG, motorola, iball, Micromax , Karbon, Celkon and on. The market share for Android in India has increased in the present scenario.

According to IDC, the growth of apple from Q4 2010 to Q4 2011 is 128.4% and for Samsung it is 275% (Globally). This stats show that how there is a huge growth in smart phones market. The apps like angry birds, fruit ninjas etc have taken a steep of growth in the market. In India, the OEM's and Companies have offered and are offering various applications according to the segments. The companies are offering Hanuman Chalisa, Dictionary in regional languages and so on with different modes of applications. They are offering featured, paid and free applications in the application market. For Ex: In the android market the applications has been segmented as Books, Communication, Games, Business, Comics, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Health etc. Hence this shows that it touches all most all segments and the applications are very useful indeed.

Even the company Aakash has offered tablets with a price range of Rs.1500-2,500/- to reach all. The era is converting towards Digital Age. Even the service providers like airtel, Vodafone ,idea and aircel has tied up with smartphone OEM's to offer their 3G services. Even now Reliance and Airtel has planned to launch their 4G services. Here comes a question that at what pace we are moving ahead? On reality we are moving forward like anything.

People need advance and user friendly technology to finish their work. For Ex: When a working executive can do an official mail from his or her smartphone and from anywhere If the need is getting fulfilled with this then there is no need to use PC unless and until required. Yes the requirement is getting solved in some minutes. Even in a journey also people can work, students can read and so on.

We are finding so many things and services handy. This is what a smartphone helps you out. If I go on writing then the discussion will never end. To cut it short, we are transforming ourselves to smart and the era is of smartphones.

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reference: Times of India and IDC.