NOW the boy and the girl hold their hand and come back ; as the girl also goes to the front of the hall and requests the boy , along with her father, to come back and join hand s with him. SO they two together enter the hall. Then they both sit in a swing in the entrance. A group of relatives and friend crowd and watch the couple swing. SOme of them also sing songs made specially for the occasion. The ladies gathered also perform the rituals for this particular swinging time. THEY first swing some balls made out of rice and dhall and coloured red and move it around three times left and then three times right and threw it behind the couple. This repeated a by a list of relatives ; Then they give banana cut into small pieces and soaked in milk to the couple. Each person gives three time s and all near realtives give it . Then they go around the couple each of them carrying an item. They carry the lamp lit with wick and til oil, water which is being poured slowly while walking to cleanse the place ,etc. after swinging for some time and in parallel , performing the rituals as above and singing by the people around, the couple holding hands enter the hall and get to the dias.

The girl is then offered a special sari called kurai pudavai and the boys' sister escorts the girl to change into the new sari. AFter changing the dress , the girl comes back to the dias. In the meanwhile , the boy perform rituals as guided by the prohit. He also explains to the boy the purpose of all these rituals, ; how he is now entering family life from bachelorhood, the dos and donot 's for hime etc.
Now the girl sits on the father's lap and the boy ties three knots in the thread given to him which he puts around the girls' neck. THE boys' sister helps him in tying the knots. The girl is now ready to move to the boy's home and has become his partner officially. In the thread which was tied, a golden pendant with the symbol of linga .
NOW the main function is over and people , interact, chit chat and go for the special lunch served in plantain leaves. then people get into groups. some go for a nap. SOme get into a team and play rummy. SOme other sit and recollect the past events, as some of them will be meeting after a long time. They might have spent some good time together earlier in child hood. FOr example , a brother and sister may be meeting after long time . they would have spent time together in childhood and after marriage , the sister might have moved to a distant place and would be meeting only in occasions like this.
THEn after the good break , they start again with tea and snacks like mixture and sweet and start the next function called nalangu. HEre the boy and girl are supposed to play with basic items like , comb, powder, coconut, dhal, rice etc. They will be symbolically told that from now on, they have to start their family separately and slowly get used to doing things on their own. Till now , they would be guided by their parents and they would have lived under their supervision. NOw they have to live on their own, though in many cases, the parents would still be with them. BUt the girl would be moving to the boy;s house, so she will be away from her parents ; but the boys; parents are to look after after her to make the shifting easier, as it may take some time for her to get used to the relocation.
EVEning , again some families conduct reception where again the couple will be decked up in smart costumes and meet the relatives and friends who come to meet them.

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