Plug in Toyota Prius
is a vehicle that is both people friendly and environment friendly. Toyota Prius is undoubtedly the most famous hybrid car in the world and third generation Plug in Prius is now offering even more classy features. PHEVs (plug-in hybrids) facilitate drivers to drive in EV mode for short distance and enjoy the comfort of hybrid mode in long drives. The emission of carbon dioxide is reduced by efficient use of electricity with a plug-in hybrid vehicle.


Plug in Toyota Prius
belongs to the third generation Prius. Toyota expands its hybrid synergy technology by introducing a first generation lithium ion battery in this car which enables all electric operation at higher speeds. Plug in Toyota Prius can cover around 13 miles with an initial fully charged state. The maximum speed of this car is up to 60 mph in electric only mode. This car offers the driver both regular Prius mode and electric mode. For longer distance Prius Plus in relapses to hybrid mode and operates like usual Prius cars. This enables to use all-electric mode for short trips and hybrid power for longer ones. This also solves the limited cruising range encounter issue of pure electric vehicles.

By adding larger or additional batteries, this version of Prius can run on electricity for longer period than regular hybrid cars. This ensures less use of gasoline. In full charged mode the car can run almost 10 miles. In this Plug in version of Toyota Prius the gas mileage jumped to 67 mpg where it is only 40 mpg for conventional Prius. This fuel economy of plug in version makes it more appealing in this era of volatile gas price.


In 2010 Prius, the manufacturer Toyota added sportier and more aggressive look. In this version the logo is placed in top of the point of the grille instead of hood as its predecessors. The overall exterior look of Plug in Toyota Prius 2010 version is taller. The large diamond cut headlamps and snub-nose front-end add quasi flying saucer appearance in this car. The roofline of the car is sleek and low which suits the angled hood perfectly.


The spacious interior of Toyota Prius can accommodate five adult occupants comfortably. The 60/40 rear seats can be folded flat which create a large cargo space for hauling groceries, large boxes, strollers and gardening supplies all at a time. The car provides comfortable height for taller passengers.

Safety Features:

Third generation Plug in Toyota Prius introduces a new safety pack option. It has Pre-Crash Safety system (PCS) and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), which uses radar-based controls to assist the driver in avoiding road accidents. Other than PCS and ACC the safety pack also includes leather upholstery, Dusk-sensing headlights, LED low beam headlights with washers, electro-chromic auto-dimming rear view mirror and water repellent front side window glass.


The price of Plug in Toyota Prius is going to be around $28K - $30K which is almost $8K more than conventional price just because of the battery.

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