Management is such a word which makes sense by speaking only. It gives a perfect meaning of what it meant for. The term refers to manage the things, Does it sounds right or wrong is the question comes to our mind. Hence to answer this," Management is a term which means to manage the things more efficiently so as to produce good output with limited utilization of resources". Hence it is not a game for a layman to do. Here you need a perfect management. Studying an MBA does not give assurance that you have management skills, but it gives sense that you have understood basics of management. To have good management skills it is necessary to have experience over some things for a period of time. Sometimes it may be a habit which is being cultivated from your child hood. But the theme here is to understand and implementing skills to manage the things. Then what are the skills required to manage the things, Are the question strikes us.

The basic skills of management are

1. Managing You
2. Planning
3. Organize
4. Guide and
5. Control

Hence these may be the basic skills that work for a Manager and those who want to deliver the things on time. Hence the most important one is to maintain or manage you before managing other things. If you manage yourself well then you can analyze the things depending upon that. Managing yourself gives you good result at any point of time. Hence it is to analyze yourself to know the management skills. Read yourself to know better management skills. Then try to implement those on your works so as to move in a better management skill.

Then its time to practice with four basic steps such as planning, organizes, guide and control. The things may work out in a different era or situation, but these should be under practice for a perfect manager with perfect management skills. In School days we try to co ordinate with everyone and make a school function grand but there you may find support from your Management. Then in college a total team effort to organize a cultural fest. But to do all these basic things you require is planning and organize. You need to find out the required things and how you can satisfy those. The same thing continues in your life and work also, but it differs because here you need efficiency. Hence completing the task of these four you require few other things such as leadership, Time management, team management, motivation, co ordination and result orientation. All these happen when you have basic skills of management. These all are not welcomed as a package for you, these things may be grasped with experience and situation.

The only thing you require is to understand the scenario, think and work deeply then plan accordingly, Try to be different in organizing it. Put the things under direction so as to control the disturbed things. For Ex: If you are looking to set up a general store. Then you need to enquire about the store place, rent etc. about distributors of various products. Then promotions or word of mouth strategy. And the important thing is to look at your capital, these are need to be worked under it with efficient manner. Hence all these are important steps for your management skills.

Skills can be good in implementation if cultivated as a habit. Hence to have better management skills you need to have better practice of things under umbrella of management.

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