Coffee, is the word which gives us refreshment . Most of us prefer coffee to have a freshness or to avoid the laziness , and moreover as a habit for Taste . Since long time back coffee is used in India. In the 17th century coffee is used in India for the first time by Mr. Baba Budan , then in the year 1840 British started exports of coffee beans . Now in India most of the coffee is cultivated in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. These states account in and around 90% of coffee production in India.

So what does filter coffee means? Filter coffee is mainly used in South India . This is with the dark Roasted coffee beans and chicory with the sweet milk. The Coffee may contain the chicory 70-30 or 60-40 depending upon the preference of taste. It is become a culture in South India to offer a cup of coffee to the guests . So people from the olden days were used to the Filter Coffee. But, now people became addicted to the Instant Coffee . Now, with the rise in the instant coffee preference or from the marketing strategies of companies like HUL and Nestle it is in the market. There are few people who are preferring filter coffee.

So why there is change occurred? There are some reasons because of which the change occurred from filter/ traditional to Modern way of coffee.

1. Changing Life style patterns
2. No time for preparations.
3. pricing decision.
4. Taste Preference .
5. Culture Pattern.
6. Switching to Tea.
7. Raise of Coffee machines.
8. More number of Coffee points ( Barista, Coffee day) .

So because of the reasons as in above , Most of the people prefer Instant over filter coffee. Even companies were used to sell Coffee powder for filter coffee. for example: HUL has introduced a brand of Brooke Bond in India for the filter coffee. Then after some years down the line according to the market trend they have changed the Packing and price too. But, the share and sales were low, by that time Instant coffee has gained the market. So , now they have changed everything and named their Instant Coffee BRU with the brand from Brook Bond.

So there is a sudden change in the preference of coffee. Because of which the companies were became in such a stage that they changed their packaging and at last stopping the product line.

But The coffee day , is the player who is working in a constant term to give the customer the freshness of coffee. They prepare the coffee in front of the customer with the beans , and by customization of percentage of chicory . Even though they are working hard there are very few customers are there who prefer this coffee. The taste coffee generally gives the Mind a kind of refreshment . So those who are addicted to the filter coffee they only take this, otherwise there is really a kind of growth in the Instant coffee Products such as Nescafe and BRU.

So because of these things most of them have switched themselves from filter coffee to Instant or Tea user.

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