When I started to write this article I think that this world is full of sorrow and sadness is scattering every where. Many crises, revolutions, uncontrolled disasters and natural calamities raises with full swing. Entire middle east came under revolutions. Public stand up against their cruel rulers. President of Tunisia escape away from his country and reached in KSA. The Egyptians people camped out in Tahrir Square until their president announced that I am quieting from government. Revolts broke out in Yemen and Bahrain. All eyes turned to Libya as a despot deployed his heavy weaponry on his own people. Air shelling bursting on the innocent Libyan public but no single one rulers who speak the truth this devil action against innocent people. All the world is sleeping and waiting for the destruction of Libyan society. These shocks deeply concerned with whole world.

Suddenly, I see that a developed country Japan fallen into natural calamities. According to Geologists Report 9.0 magnitude quake off the coast shifted the earth's axis by 6.5 inches.Watching Japan, we understand that all our brainpower and technology is no match against a double-barreled natural disaster. When we heard the news that Japan nuclear reactor is blasting and their rays will reach up to South Asia. SMS on mobile phone also created anxiety. No one wants to be alone in the dark.Japan will not be fine anytime soon. It will take years for the nation to recover from last week's earthquake and tsunami, even if nuclear disaster can be averted.

Turmoil of middle east reached in Libya and Bahrain. However Bahrain controlled the public easily with the help of Saurian Army but Libyan public take weapons and battling against Moammar Gadhafi army.I sorry to say that world is silent against the devil act of Moammar Gadhafi. Freedom-seeking people in Libya indeed are in imminent danger. When I heard three BBC journalists story who endured an overnight captivity by Gadhafi loyalists."I can't describe how bad it was," cameraman Goktay Koraltay said on his network's broadcast, referring to the treatment of detained rebels. "Most of them were hooded and handcuffed very tightly. They all had swollen hands and broken ribs. They were in agony, they were screaming." I see that no humanitarian organization speak against this cruel action. The solution of this problem is only free and fair election. But Gadhafi ignored and waste this time and try to punished their opponents. Now I hear that U.N. resolution for a no-fly zone, we're going to try. Latest news that USA threw their Cruz missile and France are using fighter again the reaction, but I think that innocent public is killing in the both way just like Iraq , Afghanistan and drone attack in Pakistan.

As a citizen when I read the morning news paper I see a terrible face of the world and think that how we can save the world where Justice is available. where people are living with peaceful. where rich and poor are standing in a same place, where big powers help the needy people without thinking their own interests. If we want peace in the world and curb the frustration and anxiety we will make sure that justice is the main pillar for making peaceful world. In this context I also quoted about the World Health Organization report that Malaria is precariously increasing in 11 African nations. The assistance was made possible in large part by contributions from ordinary people.Only a symbolic action can curb the differences between the richness and poverty. If we make justice for all we make a exemplary society. Now I request UNO to make a criteria for justice not only for big powers but for all. If we make next year as a justice years for all nations. That's good news I think that this news will be appreciated by all. I trust on almighty Allah (God) that this will curbed the frustration and anxiety from world.

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I am a freelance analytical writer please also see me on face book email (aqayyum22@hotmail.com)