The Indian Premier League was meant to be just that, a premier league, but though the League started with a big bang, it has been riddled with many controversies. It started with the shifting of the matches to South Africa last year because of poor planning and the dates clashing with the general elections in India. There have been similar small fiascos in the beginning over various reasons, but they were sure to happen in any game with such massive fan following and there being hundreds of people who manage the game at the highest level.

This year, there was more to it with Lalit Modi sparring with Shashi Tharoor openly because of the allegations of irregularities in the bidding process for the two new franchisees. It has led to many more controversies and allegations of Match fixing. The Kochi franchisee that won the bidding for a team was backed by many powerful businessmen and also people who were politically very strong. At the same time, there were also many other people who were against the bidding by the team.

When the Kochi team actually won the process, the other groups started talking about the process. At the end of it all, the fight between Tharoor and Modi got out of hand and this led to the final conclusion in the whole essay.

There were more skeletons in the cupboard and causalities to follow with Shashi Tharoor being asked to resign as Minister of External affairs and then Lalit Modi being suspended from being the Commissioner of the IPL. As the battle between Modi and the Board of Control of Cricket in India rages on, it still is a long way off from the end to the whole problem.

The Indian Cricket team also seems to have lost quite a bit of steam with the various problems that are facing them. The team had an early exit from the World cup in 20 20 game and they have also tasted defeat against Zimbabwe, considered to be minnows of World cricket. Though these losses for the team could have been one off phenomenon, it could also be a fall out of the various battles between the various parties in the Board of Control of Cricket in India.

The government has tried not to get too involved in the matters regarding the Board of Control of Cricket in India, mainly because it contains politicians from all major political parties in the county and once they start involving, it can lead to more political battles ahead. There might be a time when the government has to step in because of the various irregularities that are found in the league.

There seems to be no end to the fiasco with the battle between the BCCI and Lalit Modi raging on. It remains to be seen as to who gets the upper hand and where this whole fiasco ends. The League that was created to take the game of cricket to greater heights has actually succeeded in marring the image of cricket in India.

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