life a continued analysis

there are various aspects in life. To understand life , a full life time may not be sufficient. Of course lot of information is nowadays available with the internet and google further easing availability of information. But the issue is it is difficult sometimes to confirm the authenticity of the information particularly in terms of the ways to live. For example, whether it is good to use the road transport viz car etc often. If we can use , whether the air-conditioned one is better to avoid the pollution , heat etc outside or whether the airconditioning itself is bad for the health. Again one more angle of looking at it is how long is bad , whether few hours at stretch or even minutes limited to an hour is bad. Further practical tips are given , like , to keep window panes open for sometime and after driving the car for a distance , we can switch on the a/c , so that the air inside is not simply recirculated , but refreshed and refilled.
If we take religion again , there are so many religions and and as per one's birth and upbringing and personal experiences, and practical difficulties, one follows a religion or two as per his/her convenience. Again the question here is how good it is for us i.e to follow the practices of the religion to the extent of our understanding and convenience.

Basically we all want to live and live well. The life term is decided by so many factors. But with advent of technology, the living pattern itself is varying on a day to day basis. Particularly with the mixing of culture through the various means of dissemination of information viz television , movies, able to move around the world at ease much better than a decade ago , all make the change process very fast. In fact , on a day to basis , we get conflicting opinions about day to day routine activities.

For example, the last one month , had received through the social media viz whatsapp , Facebook , email etc , diabetes is being discussed beyond a stretchable point. One version is that some companies are simply creating panic and that even 120 is not a high level and that there is no need to panic or start medication. Some say that the level to start medication has gone down from 150 to 120 over the last decade. Another version is with the advent of IT related work being taken up by most professional and even low-level jobs, the stress factor has gone up very much. Also the working pattern has gone through a sea change. Like people putting in about 10 to 12 hours work and that too at odd times ; like for example from 11 am to 12 midnight or 2pm to 2 am etc.
The whole family life getting disrupted as since both parents are working and by chance they are not working in the same shift, sometime they only meet once in 15 days. Of course some households , they are effectively utilising it to take care of the child by turns .
MAy be we can start preparing list of do s and do not s to be followed on a daily basis and keep updating the list and make a minimal changes so that the changeover can be smooth.

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