If the motor is started to fuss, most annoying! especially for those who want to ride a motorcycle going home. Do not rush to blame your bike, it could be you who care about the motor. So it's worth peeking following tips on caring for the motor!

Check the oil condition

Engine oil is a very important role to lubricate the engine components, such as the handlebar piston, piston, and piston rings, crankshaft and valve Noken or handlebar. If the presence of lubricating oil is blackish in color or power lumasnya spasticity is reduced, then it should be replaced. Change the oil regularly and use in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Check the battery condition

Do not let water pass accu maximum and minimum are the result can accelerate damage to the battery cells. Add Aki in the morning.

Do not let the battery or batteries that have been weakening, immediately replace it, not a good thing if you are still forced to use it. If it forced both positive and negative poles will remove corrosion (white powder) which will spread to the main cables that connect the electrical current to the channel lights, dynamo, or other parts.

If indeed you are experiencing this bike, electric current or batteries battery delivered incomplete will cause damage to the components of the armature, contacts and switches the light machine. One thing to note if the batteries are weak or can not afford the starter and distarter, do not force the drive to turn it on because the bike would only damage the transmission gear.

Check the chain and gear

Do not let the chain is too loose or too tight. Too loose can make the chain dislodged from girnya, while too tight can cause breaking the chain. Also check the condition of gear, if it is sharp because if not immediately replace the chain can suddenly drop. His danger, when I'm speeding is suddenly broken chain?

Check the coil and spark plug cables

Note the presence of the coil wire that connects an electrical current to the spark plugs. Quickly replace the cable that seems to get old enough and a lot of visible cracks and hardening of the cable. Do not forget to note the presence of spark plugs as vital to the smooth running of a vehicle engine.

Note Hose Gasoline

Fuel hose to the carburetor components merupakanm also noteworthy. Do not let the hardened condition of the fuel line or cracks occur, because the inside of the hose may be too inelastic and lead dust from dirt carried into the carburetor hose. Blockage will eventually supply gas from the tank to the carburetor so that interfere with the combustion system.

Heat engines than 2 Minutes

Heat the engine before the motor run, do not stay long enough oil 1-2 minutes for circulation to lubricate all moving parts in the engine. Do not be too long because the heat will make the exhaust pipe yellowing otherwise you would not want to waste gasoline, right?.

Check the tire pressure

Do not be too hard and also be less because it can result in damaged motorcycle tire development.

Always use Sparepart Original

Better a little expensive, but happy and lasting than the use that is not original, but even cheaper but less durability.

Not so hard, was it, if you're diligent care of the motor with your favorite motorcycle is certainly borne perform excellent.

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