The flexibility of PowerPoint as a presentation tool has made it very convenient for those who like to create content that benefits and help others. For example, people who're skilled in the creation of PowerPoint themes can often be seen uploading their work for free on the Internet, so that others could download their themes and use them in their own projects and presentations. And if you're one of those downloading PowerPoint themes for your own use, there are a few things you should know that can greatly improve your efficiency in making presentations based on them.

For example, did you know that most authors of PowerPoint themes are usually fine with others modifying their work? You should read the disclaimer to make sure, but if you're allowed to do your own modifications, this means that you can easily create an effective theme that truly reflects the idea of your presentation, basing it on something that already looks good enough. Or, if you really like a particular theme's overall design but don't enjoy some of its quirks, you can easily iron those out and use it in its renewed state.

You can take this even further; take the best from two themes you really like, put those pieces together, and you can come with something really effective - or a complete disaster, if you're not careful or don't know how to mix visual elements well enough. Experiment as much as you like, but always make backups of the themes so that you don't lose any important work or a state of the theme you actually enjoyed.

And in the end, you don't even have to use PowerPoint themes to base your presentations on them - have you ever considered how much you could actually learn by taking one of those themes apart and looking "inside" it to see how it ticks? That's usually how the pros learn, and if you've got some free time to spare, have a look at how the author of your favorite theme has implemented some of its special effects, how they order their elements behind the scenes and generally anything which seems like it could improve your process of creating your PowerPoint themes.

If you find out you are good at creating them you should consider sharing your work though. There are many people who can benefit from this at the moment, and remember that you started out this way once as well. Pick up your best themes and polish them up a little bit, then publish them to the most popular websites for sharing PowerPoint themes.

You never know, this might turn out to be a delightful hobby for you when you see all those positive comments pouring in. The feeling can be great, but your popularity will also attract criticism - it is important to pay attention to that as well so that you know what people generally dislike about your work and how you could improve it to make it more attractive overall to the end user.

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