(Sanyasi Meaning - A Hindu religious mendicant)

I MET A SANYASI YESTERDAY. Asked him what exactly is life about ? what is the best way of living ? what is the purpose of life etc .

He first told me his experiences and the way he had lived so far. He was in his 60s.
He said like others he also had childhood memories ; had schooling ; also got a degree and worked for many years . Got married . had children and had now got them married off. They are living on their own. He is presently living with his wife and mother. Then I as ked him how he can be sanyasi , when he is still living with his wife and others.

Then he started explaining what a sanyasi's role is all about. A sanyasi is one who can live with the pleasures of the world , have family, works for earning money. But the difference from others is that though he is living amidst people, he lives alone in his body and mind. Not affected by what is happening around him. He will be reacting to situations or people only to the extent of his duty towards them at that moment. Otherwise he will be oblivious to the happenings around. For example , he will not react to what is happening in some corner of the world away from him. He would at the most pray for their well being. If it affects him directly , like , for example, cancellation of a flight or train , which he is supposed to take , he would react to the extent that his plan be changed accordingly without too much thinking of why his schedule is affected etc.
He will have his own ways of spending time to have a routine, but will be ready for changes , if needed . This includes his way of dressing , his food and his daily activities. He will be living with a detatched attachment. He will have a home to return at the end of the day. Follow the practice of interacting with the neighbours to the extent of creating activity for himself to live .He will be having plans for future, including saving for the future. Investing in land, house etc. Spend where he or his family members and friends feel so and at the same time ready to use his experience in advising them of do;s and don't;s .

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