It was a chilly snow falling day in sahara desert. Yes. The climatic changes have converted sahara desert to a cool place. As we were trying to enjoy the chillness with the prepared winterwear dresses., suddenly the sun came out and with that there was a major change in the climate . we had to change to lesser winterwear clothes. As we were passing through the once desrt area , we could see camels which were now acclomatised to the weather changes. Of course the camels themselves had changed both in terms of their height and colour . They were now more of dark shade s of black and were also of much lesser heights .
There were some dwarfs running around. We were told that the locals had changed to smaller puny shapes over a period of time. Their food habits had also changed.
Now that the technology had changed so rapidly, most of them were literates and using the state of the art devices. The entire place was using solar panels and solar power was the maximum utilized source of power. Suddenly we noticed that the earth was moving and there was a path created for us to move downward. There was another city deep down below about 200 feet. This was another major changed scenario to be witnessed by us. All the trees along the roadsides were of uniform shape and sizes , as if they were manufactured products. Theye were actually genetically modified plants , which were having fruits and flowers of a perfect shape and size and identical to each other. The colours were also so chosen to fully decorate the entire streets.
In the bylanes , we could see street urchins playing cricket. There was another group playing kabadi. Then there were stools with carrom boards on. Peeple were standing and playing carom. There were another round of tables where bridge game of cards was being played.
There were a few players moving around with their music instrumnets viz accordion, veena, tambura, violin , drums, guitar etc and some were playing solo and some in groups .
There were tea stalls which were also selling snacks of different countries from indian to Italian to Spanish to chinese to Korean.
There were also restaurants lined up with totally transparent walls and we could see the entire inside portions of the hotels.
There were a few drones flying at low heights to help people travel faster and cover small distances.
There were few small lakes for fishing and boat rides. Also some were enjoying swimming in the lakes. Though some sharks were there and some whales could also be seen. It was the dolphinoes playing around with balls which were the greater attraction in the lake.There were of ourse the baypolice to take care. Also some surfere were enjoying themselves in the wavepools created in the lake in one side.

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