Let's start with what is required to know every child living in the world, "Feng Yun" - with the story. There once was an emperor Huang Di, and he ruled the Middle Kingdom the country for a long time and happily, during his reign in letters of gold settled in the pages of the annals.

But the age of man is short, and that's Huang Di caught up with the inevitable death of the Emperor, his child was to fall, losing in the face of the ruler of the mighty hand and a bright mind, which for years have shown the children of the fatherland right path. In the end, the Celestial Empire split into four kingdoms: Yen-tien (Realm of Fire of Heaven), Pan-gu (earthly kingdom solid), Lin-feng (Kingdom Icewind) and Chang-yun (Realm of bluish clouds). Since its inception, the four new states are an unceasing war against each other, but common people yearn for and cherish the memory of those times when we lived in peace and joy, hoping that fate had sent them to the governor with the Great Tao, capable of uniting the Celestial Empire in the whole.
It's time to get personal, if you are interested in this game so much that you have already decided, by all means, sign it and begin to make history, then your home will be one of the villages located in the suburbs of some of the kingdom. Celestial Empire, or rather what was left of it, is at the center Vselennoy.Vy young, talented, daring not to occupy, but a dream - to build a brilliant military career deserves respect.

Go ahead, as is well known to anyone who looks back at least a couple of elementary school, Celestial Empire, or rather what was left of it, is at the center of the universe. And it is visible from all three worlds: the existence, where everything happens, Heaven and Hell, between which, in fact, has. Not without reason, it is called the Median Empire.

War and revolution, tearing four kingdoms, were sometimes bring politics to the absurd, because the emperor could take place almost every citizen, most importantly, as they say, have a pitchfork witty. In each kingdom there are three standard areas: Distant Monastery - a place of "birth" of newcomers, the capital and two suburbs, known abroad, they border on other states and made Feng Yun. This outpost is located in the center of the map and is on his way to stardom in Switzerland, as was proclaimed a neutral zone, and residents of all four countries are free to visit her.

Travel from one realm to another can be on the road, but be prepared for a meeting with the evil customs, they really do not regret it arrows. There are, however, another way - Ancient Labyrinth, which has outlets at each end of the world, but for me it's better guards with crossbows than ... well, you will see for yourself. But this problem is only the beginning, and then earn money on the right horse, and maybe razzhivetes magic scrolls move, besides, a lot of the characters give their personal "teleport" to move customers to the appropriate part of the map, but it's not free, as You understand.

The choice of classes in the game is not as extensive as we all undoubtedly are accustomed to. The range of the two "male" class - "warrior" and "magician", and one female - "fairy." They each have their combat "chips." Warrior, for example, for those who are accustomed to go ahead and take his brute force. This character is ideal for close combat. Favorite weapons: the sword and saber. Magician, by contrast, attack enemies with a decent distance, using spells in the study who spent their youth in the schools of the Elements and the Mystics.

Cons: too vulnerable to melee. And what is the fair sex? Fairies attack at a distance by shooting a bow or crossbow, in addition, they differ nurses - are able to heal himself and his comrades on the force. An additional advantage is that it is the only "female", so only a representative of Fay may be elected the Goddess of the kingdom.

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