If the night could talk
What would it be?
Is it as all see?
The twinkling star, crescent moon,
Shrub- like clouds that vanish soon
Will it be of branches sway,
Or cry of leaves gone grey?
Had the night ever noticed
Urge of buds to bloom,
Night queen which opened
Its wide white petals,
Wafting natural fragrance?
Are any insects awake
To sip the fresh nectar,
Throughout the night long?

The night is sure to say,
About the wee crickets-
Sprawling away.
On sight of a mate,
It chirruped loud to greet.
The owl rotates its head,
With luminescent eyes in front,
It's weird hoot echoed far away
Giving goosebumps to those awake.

The cocks, crows and cuckoos,
Sparrows, swallows and spoon bills,
All the winged ones that flew,
Through clear blue sky,
At day in view,
Now hid the head beneath the wings,
Not to see what night doth bring.

The fireflies lit the little space,
Like twinkling stars of grace,
Their blink illuminated darkness,
It's a boon who in lone.
The rodent crawled out of its hide,
Watchful of the snake's slow stride.
The frogs did croak
Gazing the moon of rock.

The whirl of bats,
So perfect and swift,
On whiff of honey,
Of the plantain bloom.
To gnaw hard kernel,
Into tiny carved bits.

Laughter of hyenas,
Caged in the zoo,
Was of the memories,
Once free, forest loom.
The hen hid its chicks
Afraid of mongoose licks.

The cats could see,
Dark may it be.
Some eggs did hatch,
Of twigs warm latch.
The mountains stretched high,
Grasping dark sky,
The bright moon stood still,
Only clouds moved at will.

Nothing unnoticed,
Nothing veiled,
Nothing concealed
No! not for the daring night
But, if only the night could talk,
Oh, how colourful the feedback!

If the night could talk,
Of widows' life torn apart,
From their spouses
Forced depart.
Warmth and cuddle they long,
Rhythm of solo heart-song.

Now the wails and wimps,
Burden, the family brings,
Lingered in the night air,
Like Arctic blanket spread.
Loud sighs they heave,
Would burn dry leaves.
Oh! If only the night could tell.

Was it amazed
Of widowers short dismay?
Many moan not long,
Of mis-haps and bygones.
Sip of iced- bitter fluid,
Chest full of smoke puff,
Or some new hands cuddle,
Otherwise a spine chiller google,
Makes their blues low.

Few remain and refrain,
Of all quick made bliss,
And reminiscences thrill,
Evergreen at heart.
The vacuum, spouses created,
Neither filled nor replaced,
Erecting tombs like the Taj,
Of profound love remembered.

If the night could talk,
It's sure to cite,
The lonely woman's plight,
Lone she is, her spouse left,
Maybe he opts some other best,
Or maybe he sailed west,
Hope to bring treasure chest.

The night could see her
Silent suffer, toss and turn,
Longings and desires did churn,
Fumes of suppression,
That could depict burn.
Before matrimony cord was bound,
Virgin she was, knew not
What all feelings are.

Now she is raw,
Fully fledged,
Embrace of warmth
She cherished,
But fate made her live
At edge, cold, insipid,
Water at brim none to draw.

If only the night could talk,
It might have quoted,
The shuddering shock,
It got; due to envious dames,
Always burning; really shame.
Not mere wives who had-
Spouses beside, snoring bad
Also widows and spinsters lot,
Who view the world weird sort.

"No laughter or gaiety I prefer,
Hence others shouldn't differ".
This in mind gives sleepless nights,
Builds up plots through the dark,
Venomous deeds their landmark,
Giving pain to innocent folk.

If the night could talk,
It might have expressed,
The glee, on the face of innocent
Little babes and children asleep,
No thoughts of envy creep,
No greed for wealth and money.
They smile in dream; of cookies-
Candies, toys and pastries,
In their own world of fantasy.

If the night could talk,
It would have shown,
The tickle and frown,
The teens themselves drown,
Eyelids closed ; not asleep
Dreams as though in sleep.
Dreams of heaven,
Dreams of colours,
Dreams of life,
They longed to bloom.

If the night could talk,
How pitiable it would be,
About the beggars asleep,
In the street!
The chill wind bore,
Into their skin of sore,
Scanty clothes they wear,
Made them shiver more.

They slept with bright thoughts,
Dreams of delicacies,
In bounty.
Mouthful of food, modest clothes,
Somewhere around; roof of own,
Only prayer they had known.

If the night could talk,
It would have stated lot,
How tough fishermen caught
Fish we relish,
Served to dine, on time
It brought dollars,
To some fortunate owners.

The roaring of the sea,
Rocking of the waves,
Rumbling of thunder,
Didn't make him surrender,
The aim he did set,
The purpose of his net.

If the night could talk,
It might have informed,
About the underhand plot,
Of the thieves and smugglers,
Swindlers and perverts.
They hinder sleep of many,
Loot every single penny,
Sometimes it's ghastly!
And often monstrous.

Rapes and murders,
The crush for flesh,
As illegal bliss,
Makes the lass,
Journey a maze,
Stress, disdain,
Indeed real disgrace.

If the night could talk,
The compliments it would bestow,
Upon the soldiers,
Border Security Force,
Patrolling policemen's
Night long course,
The law abiding crew.

Their eyelids shouldn't blink ,
Watchful of the enemy string,
Guards with honour nation wide.
Neither wind nor rain at dark,
Stops the night policeman's walk,
Cautious to foresee crime,
Stop the menace in time.
But often unrecognized,
Alas! no fame,
For unnoticed aid.

If the night could talk,
Ashamed, it would be,
To point the law maker,
Metamorphosed as law breaker,
Seeks bribes and benefits,
In the shade of darkness.
Vice and treachery sown.
Destruction to whole zone,
No justice who truly own.

to be continued

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