Mass Media, If we try to define it then most Probably it is a section of media which is Designed Specifically to reach the large audience. It was first started in the 1920's, with a great Initiative of radio and Circulation of news Papers.After that it got a boom with Magazines too. However,if you discuss some of the mass media are Books and Manuscript s too.Now the most popular way of reaching large audience is Internet and Television. We can find the information at our doorstep.In television it may be with NEWS, Serials or Movies but it reach the audience.

If we discuss it , in the last 50 years with the advancement of technology, the media has grown exponentially. At first there was only telegraph,Radio,News Paper and Then on it grown with Technology. The number of Channels and the Communication with internet in the modes of Mobile and Laptops. So,the information is everywhere and anytime.

We live in such kind of society where information is must to do our daily activities like Healthcare, Education and many more. A common man in city or rural wakes up and try to go with News paper or TV for the NEWS and daily information, which is very much required in a society. Based on these he can take some important decisions which should not effect the way of his life. So what ever we do it is all based on Our Experience, Assumptions and what we know for a fact, so in a overall at the current situation we depend upon Media such as Internet and Television NEWS.It is like we have put our trust on media to give us Education, NEWS, Information and Entertainment. But at the end of the day the influence of it in the society is to know how it works really?

from all the mass media the most influence is from TV. Most of the people are affordable for the TV ,So that they can get Education and Entertainment. But,now it has its effects on society in two ways it may be positive or negative. To have an Example,If we think that most of us buy the products by looking at the advertisements on TV ,If the product is good and useful to us then there is no problem but if it is other way around then it is really a problem for us.

The way of Cricket has grown now a days is amazing by which most of the youngster are getting effected in two ways, if they are playing and enjoying the game then they are in physical exercise which is really good for them. and if they wasting their time by watching TV and not Studying which is really going to effect their exams.So it has some bad effects too.

By watching the NEWS most of us are getting good Knowledge and Information on hand,But due to the increase in number of news channels i.e because of competition these channels also giving some of the tips which is really not good ,But at their end they are looking at TRP.

But,at another end the channels like Discovery, NGC and History are giving their best of knowledge to society. They really take care of good things which are really in need for Knowledge and to apply it.

There are some of things which are really effecting the Teenage in a negative manner it may be Use of Cigars and Alcohol,Constant Exposure of SEX Images, The excessive use of violence Movies and Themes. So if we go on like this then they have good and bad effect from it.

And some times the adds like Junk foods or any other then youngsters are effecting a lot because of their favorite celebrity is in the add,they will do what ever he or she tells in the add. But some times if the add is of good moral also it has its effects.

So , if we go on discuss like this then there are two ways of effect from Media it may be Positive or Negative , But it all depends on us how we receive it and apply it.

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