MY EARLY MORNING SLEEP WAS BROKEN BY the crocking of a crow sitting near to my window. Of course crows are in plenty in our garden , but being disturbed with the crowing so near was a rare rthing. From my bed , could see two crows sitting on the airconditionding unit. Since weather was pleasant after the late evening rains of the previous day, we had kept the windows open. Of course the mosquito mesh was in place in the window. Dengue is very much in the city , due to the mosquito menace . Corporation had taken some steps of polluting the air with chemicals by dousing with the hoses throughout the streets and the gardens . But the hot weather intermittently broken by a few spells resulted in some water stagnation , which in turn aided the mosquito population's increase faster.
The two crows were holding a small steel rod and thinking that it is a twig , trying to break it. They tried for sometime , took rest and continued their try again and again for almost ten minutes. Then somehow they realized the futility and just left the rod and flew away.

Having been woken up by the crow, was having a look at the garden through the balcony. Saw two crows walking across the garden , looking in the bushes for some food and or insects. Then came a squirrel with a vada in its mouth. Once the crow saw it , it started flying towards the squirrel and try to snatch the vada. The squirrel left the vada but raced towards the crow as a result the crow flew away. Again the squirrel went back to the vada and started eating it. It was really a sight to see the squirrel sitting in upright position and munching a portion of the vada keeping the remaining vada between its legs.

Then I was diverted across the garden to a tree where two woodpeckers joined one fully red and the other of copper sulphate colour. They both started pecking at the tree trunk incessantly.

Then came the voice of "tea ready " from my kitchen. Which took me away from this leisure time to preparing for another hectic day of activities.

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