i was born in 1960. My nephew saran was born in 2003.

Was just talking to him the other day.

He is now 12 years old.

His interests are varied . Main interest is reading. His books include but not limited to astronomy, cars, automobiles in general , nature, adventure stories etc.

In my childhood , i used to get less books to read. Used to water plants, do shopping by going for long walks, playing cricket , going to temples spending an hour , doing pooja at home , reciting slouches for atleast an hour . This was everyday routine. So many activities , each of them involving physical efforts and so not requiring separate physical exercises or going to gym or doing yoga etc.

So getting hungry was not an issue at all. Getting more quantity of food was of course an issue, with so many members in the house and on learning member. There was no choice of food. Outside eating was a rarity , that too will be mostly on a social function like wedding etc.Used to play well , eat well without much ado and sleep well.

Now about saran. His father is in foreign service. Every three years moves to a different country. Since earning is good and facilities are almost unlimited in terms of food, cloth , travel etc , saran is given choice in everything from toothpaste brand to shirt design to food for the day etc.
But Saran is so much used to intellectual food by reading that he sticks to on place and moves around hardly. His parents are so much behind him for food that he is almost averse to food. He always wants junk food which in turn makes him more dull particularly because of almost nil physical activity.
This cumulatively affects his health and has not grown much physically for his age.
At school also , he has issues as hid friend are changed every three years and language and culture also changing during every movement from a country to another , he takes time to adjust and that in addition adds up to his woes of not able to eat his food in time and this again makes his parents get annoyed and he has started telling lies about eating food , by just trowing it on the way back home . He invariably could not finish his food at school either due to talking , not relishing the food and /or not able to eat fast because of aversion and not being energetic enough to eat the food.

Just want to share these information , as during discussion with my friends , it is noticed that most of the kids in the present generation are facing a similar issue. In fact , the teenagers and also the boys and girls in their twenties are having a tough time , not able to be happy doing what they want and not able to convince the parents that what they are doing is correct.

The reason seems to be television with its high number of channels and less control by the media and the parents in the content available in television for the kids.Also mobile play a more major spoilsport , that they simply eat away their time. It is a soft addiction , which the kids are not able to realise and the parents are also helpless in getting them rid of this addiction.

The third main reason is the competitive world around us. Also not proper directions being given to the children both to enjoy as well as face challenges .
If they can be taught the basics of life , viz to learn more , have focus on what they want to be in future , be ready to accept what parents and teachers say , atlas to the extent of listening and then applying their mind accordingly etc.

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