Nothing can better than looking at the entire process of the refurbishing your interiors taking place, first hand and it can get even better if you too happen to play an important role in it. Tile Installation can change the entire look of the interior decor, and a home owner would always want that to be a smooth process.
Hiring an experienced installer is always advisable. Nonetheless, many people choose to put in their own effort rather than taking outside help. Hence, we have provided you with a guide on how to finish this task of installing glass tiles without hiring any professional help.

The procedure is as follows;

1) Ensure that you have three buckets, one to shuffle the thin set, one for storing water, and one for mixing the grout. You will also need to put on a dusk mask, when mixing the powders with water. A 3/16 inches jagged trowel, 1/16 inches spacers, unwanted and old rags for cleaning, a fine very less porous sponge, a bendable knife and a grout float to kick start the process.

2) To start, just spread sufficient adhesive to coat an entire sheet of the glass tile, using the putty knife. The trowel should be held at a 45 degree angle, and must be used with long, straight strokes, to get the desired depth of 1/6 inches.

3) The first sheet should be positioned with the paper side facing outwards. Bring it to the precise position as desired, and gently force down the sheet using the flat 2x4.

4) Continue this process with the other sheets, until the first sheet has set for about 15 to 30 minutes, as the thin set starts to harden. Take an old rag or sponge and soak up the paper with water. You will know it is ready, when the paper turns dark brown. At this point of time, lightly pull the paper against itself from each corner until it is completely unconstrained.

5) After the glass tiles have been fixed for 24 hours, it is time to start grouting it. Use a different bucket to mix this. Make sure, you wipe off the surplus grout off the surface of the tiles.

6) Wait for about 10 minutes to let the grout set up slightly in the openings. Take a moist sponge and wipe out the rest of it. If you observe that it is starting to squish out of the joints, then you are ready to do the final clean up of the place.

7) Once you've noticed that the grout is off the top of the tiles, then use a taut brush to brush it away out of any pores. After around 30 minutes, use a dirt free cloth to clean up any mist that may have formed.

8) After a period of several days, when the grout will be cured, be sure to seal if with a fine quality binding material.

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