Pampers is a brand of baby products primarily known for their diapers and wipes. The Pampers brand was initially only for one use diapers, and is marketed by the company Procter and Gamble. Pampers diapers were first introduced as a bulky product in 1961, manufactured from rayon, polyethylene, and a fluffy material for absorbency. The popular 'wing design' was first produced in 1966, but later evolved to the 'hourglass' shape used industry wide today. Pampers diapers range in size from Preemie and size one through seven. Not all sizes are available in all of the current diapers products produced. The taping system, as opposed to using pins, was developed by Procter and Gamble in 1971. Although this system has been modified for convenience and with the improvement in design, it is still based on the original theory. The weight of Pampers diapers was decreased by half back in 1986, when an absorbent gel was used instead of the previous fluffy material. Pampers diapers have previously been marketed for unisex products, to gender specific, and back to unisex. Pampers diapers are also available as 'pull-ups', a type of training pants used during potty training.

There must be a question in the mind of every mother that why no other brand can replace pampers? Well, when it comes to the care, every parent wish to bestow their child with the best they can and one of the important matters is selecting a brand of diapers. If you have some experience handling infants you must know that going for a low quality diaper for the sake of a few bucks will only bring you issues with your kid's skin. This part of the skin is very sensitive and if not handled properly and with due care your child's skin may get infected. Most common conditions include redness, itching, irritation and rashes etc. Pampers having great absorbency properties, keep the child dry for a longer period of time as compared to other diapers and thus helps avoid such skin conditions. Following are a few reasons why you should choose pampers for your baby:

• Pampers are just the best as they are highly absorbent and keep the baby dry for long.
• By keeping skin dry, pampers help keep the baby away from rashes and other common skin conditions among infants.
• Pampers are flexible and remain on the baby's skin tightly whereby not hurting him.
• Pampers are light weight and helps baby stay happy and relax throughout the time.
• Being leak proof, pampers are reliable and keep the parents tension free about any leakage for several hours.
• Pampers give the baby a peaceful good night sleep by keeping him dry and this ensures he takes good sleep, grows well and is fresh upon waking up.
• They are available in every size thus is easy to find a size that suits your baby weight.
• Being a brand available internationally it is not difficult to find one in your nearby store.
• Buying in bulk will give you amazing discounts and I think this is one of such expenses for which discount is not less than a blessing.
• Last but not the least, it smells good and even if your baby is having pampers on for several hours he won't stink. This is good news for parents as this helps parents stay confident while traveling or visiting their friend's place.

Pampers are the best of best. No doubt, there are other brands in the market and pampers are a bit expensive out of them too; however if you have tried pampers vs. any other brand you must agree that pampers worth the price we pay for it. After all, what really matters is you baby's comfort and care. If you have a baby that is happy and contended what else do you want? You must know that wetness keeps the baby hyper and irritated which is also a source of nuisance for the parents so why to indulge your kid in such a difficult situation if this could be avoided and keeping him dry is possible. So go get your baby pampers, as it gives the baby the care he deserves!

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