Let's begin with my journey in MLM. I believe in the following process: study and apply the knowledge you gained. That's how I do everything. I truly believe that education is the only shortcut we can take towards our success. Certainly the reason behind this is being successful with this philosophy. I used this formula to succeed running a small business and also to invest in property. So I applied the same for Network Marketing too..

I had educated myself about the Home Business industry before I first got involved. I studied to select a great Network Marketing opportunity, to set up the advertising plan, to know how to promote and sponsor people using a Network Marketing system, to understand how to be the leader of the group...etc. Although I never knew PCs, I never liked them, but I knew that sending a message through email was smarter and less expensive than sending it by post.

I began setting up a marketing pack with PowerPoint that I was going to send out by electronic mail. Including an animation and my motto: The Lifestyle That's Worth Treasure (Health + Wealth + Time = Freedom). As soon as people opened this presentation the treasure chest on the photo would open between 2 palm trees.... representing that they found something good as gold and helping understanding the slogan. It also contained a sales letter about showing people the advantages of owning a Home Based Business. I also put some promoting viedos and few chapters of a book to make it crystal clear what Network Marketing is all about. The marketing package focused on the results could be achieved (like I had studied before: don't promote the features but promote the benefits), this was certainly Freedom.By the way I still utilize the - The Lifestyle That's Worth Treasure (Health + Wealth + Time = Freedom) - slogan as Freedom is the ultimate reason why a person has ever started MLM. It took me one month to set up this little package (remember I didn't understand computers). Next thing I did was putting down a list of the folks I knew... you know where I'm coming from. After that I created training sessions for the downline and I trained them through conference calls. Just to make sure it was not a massive orginzation: only five business builders in the 4 month period in my Network Marketing career by applying the old-school techniques.

Nobody wanted to know about my business proposition. No more people to recruit, I thought. I shared this story to make sure you don't think of someone who not willing to work his success; I did work for my success but I still couldn't make it the old-fashioned way. I wasn't successful in MLM with the offline system because I used to pursue the wrong people and even the wrong way (back then I had no idea about that I should have promoted something else but surely not my Network Marketing company).

The following step

The last step on my marketing plan was Internet (see, now I know I should have started with using an Internet MLM system). I discoverd MLM Leads System Pro (MLSP). This is mostly an attraction marketing and lead generation system especially designed for struggling Networkers.
It taught me to effectively market using the Internet and supercharge my business by generating Home business leads; as a matter of fact I can be the right place now, where my target market search for what I have to offer.

About Author / Additional Info:
Not only the MLSP system will give you all the step by step training on Internet MLM strategies but it will also allow you to apply the very same webpage I use. To be honest it took me a little while to set up my http://stevenszabomlmsystem.com but it's nothing comparing to the MLSP results