The single most important ingredient to success with Xango can be summed up in a single word: training Virtually all MLM organization give new recruits directions but the question has to be asked - Do they work? And when that training is put into action will it bring results?

For the most part the answer is no. Why ? the instruction provided by the company is concentrated on promoting the company itself. However, this does not necessarily help you-keep in mind folks don't join simply companies, they join people. And people they feel they can trust. Naturally, companies such as Xango and other MLM's want to endorse and promote their products, which makes sense from their standpoint (the company's).

I am about to tell you the primary reason people fail in network marketing- they fail to brand themselves as leaders. This occurs because they are never taught how to do so. Don't let yourself become one more of the washed out masses. You can achieve success in this business by using some proven marketing methods.

The first thing you really need is a self-funded proposal. Essentially this is marketing and offering a low-budget, affordable product on the front end and offering your true source of primary income on the back end. The best examples? Cell phone companies. They offer you a low price on the phone ( or even free phone in some cases). The phone itself is what draws you in.The the real money is made with the service contract. You can apply the same principle to achieve success with Xango.

More specifically, go ahead and offer generic MLM training up front to establish yourself as a leader who has answers. This is what people are looking for. Then offer your Xango opportunity on the back end. The attractiveness of this process that by investing a few bucks a few marketing you skills you now know, 'Hey I've got a solid prospect'.You've got someone who has put their money where there mouth is and demonstrated a higher level of commitment. What you need to do next is follow up and make a connection with your prospect- meaning a phone call, not just an email.Your goal is to get the person to already know who you are by the time you've talked to them . In a sense you are 'warming' a cold prospect to you and creating a bridge between yourself and the other person before you've even met. This is a truly effective way to do business.

A good self-funded proposal is simply a filter. It sorts out the tire kickers and you are left with people that have shown commitment. You've already weeded out those who are unwilling to spend money or have negative preconceived notions about network marketing. Your Xango business will become infinitely more enjoyable when you join forces with those who are in it to win it. When you offer quality MLM training you do two things - 1) helps you detect higher quality prospects and 2)your prospects see that you provide real value to them which builds even more value in your leadership abilities.

Mike Dillard has some excellent courses on self-funded proposals, as does MLMLeadSystemPro. To see an example of a self-funded proposal in action check out You want to ensure that when decision time comes for your prospects they are thinking of you, and how you can help them get to bw where they want to be. You are the one who put yourself there. The amount of respect and allegiance you've gained is impossible to replace even if they haven't joined your Xango business yet. This is what makes a self-funded proposal such a valuable tool and one essential to achieving your MLM dreams.

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Ryan Shaffer is an attraction marketing coach who works to help others get what they want out of there network marketing business. To find out more about creating success with Xango or in any MLM visit