Can You believe me that I quit smoking free of any medical aid? Yes dear, I made it!

For over twenty years I was a heavy smoker, consuming more than three boxes a day. That's a normal for me. Sometimes I smoked close to four packs just for the whole night till I played music during invitations to supply leisure and pleasure to fiestasin my location, the Philippines.

How I dropped smoking is my secret I'm going to share with you, at this moment.

Are you genuinely serious to STOP smoking?

Well, I know you're bedazzled to recognise how I dropped smoking at once and how you can make it too.

And let start

1. Crumple a single cigarette. This was when I was actually having a heavy smoking persons cough for more than whole day. One evening when I was not able to hold my cough, I was awfully angry at the intense of my cough and I made a relation with the cigarettes. With missing any word, I instantly got a stick and rumpled it, and says, "I dislike you, I don't like you, I dislike you" and thrown it away. After this day, it was the start of a life for me, I was totally free from smoking.

2. Run away from tobacco smoke - sometimes I was enticed to smoke if I take a smell at the cigarette smoke particularly in public places. What I did, I leave the area immediately and look for a place where are no smoking persons. I did this routine for almost six months. After this period, I may already be with ones who smoke without being tempted with their tobacco smell. I already passed through the critical period of adaptation.

3. Drink plenty of fruit juice and water - After perspiration from my exercises, I consume a lot of of fruit juice or water whatever is available to the maximum. Water is the number one body cleansing. I felt I was totally relieved after drinking water. In case there is a fresh fruit juice I consume it to substitute water. Most frequently I imbibe more water than fruit juice.

4. Be positive - Thinking positive, what I am talking about, is I usually think about and focus on the positive side of everything. I don't worry on my own looking back at the bad experiences I encountered during my period of addiction with tobacco smoking. I always do things that has no connection whatsoever with the cigarettes. When out of no where cigarette need comes in my head, I instantly change my actions to erase it. Doing things to while away the time to forget cigarette related attention.

5. Discipline yourself - To me, presumably this was the most difficult part of my quit smoking days. Despite I was already free from cigarette addiction, there were times when someone can lure me to break my rules just for one stick. Maybe, because of being a chained smoking person all my life, I would be tempted, but deep down in me, I have my confession and strong determination to honestly quit smoking. And I was grateful that I passed the test not to try a single cigarette. With my strict observing to my agreement, I am happy to say that with my self discipline attitude, I was competent to withstand the odds of being an addicted smoker to become totally free.

Presuming you are serious to stop smoking, I enhearten you to follow what I did. There is not necessary of any medical help. Just stay to what you believe might do away with cigarette smoking.

How happy I could be, when you could in truth drop being a chained smoker next this elementary stages I have given you.

I desire more humans to be cognizant concerning the injury of tobacco smoking to our bodies. Let us recommend "quit smoking" to those people who are athirst to be set free from the chain of tobacco dependence.

Everyone might quit cigarettes - so why don't you also?

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