ABC / aee.bea.see
acronym for Abysmal Biased Communications see mainstream media

Ba.rac.a.gan.da / ba.rock.ah.gan.duh

• To disseminate erroneous and/or slanted information of a false nature for purpose of diversion of one's failure(s).

• To instill false concerns by misrepresenting events and circumstances.

• To use catch phrases or buzz words to demean or discredit opposition in order to draw attention away from personal failures and destructive policies and practices see former Illinois Senator, Capone-like, mainstream media puppeteer, select entertainers, Midwest billionaire, Georgetown law student, bumbling biden bobble head, sharpton, jackson, wright. / ba.rock.ra.see

• n. (pl. - cies) a system of deceptive government in which covert agendas flourish and important decisions are sidelined. Often utilizing meaningless rhetoric and catch phases to divert and mask personal deficiencies and inept ability to lead.

• To make decisions based on personal ideology regardless of whether it contradicts the premise of the Founding Fathers and U. S. Constitution.

• Government marked by special interest, aligned with cronies willing to sacrifice personal image in order to gain personal favors and fortune.

• The act of: sitting on the sidelines-blaming others - securing approval without ample time to read much less understanding - deploying tactics designed to divide and conquer.

• An administration that continues to show signs of being ashamed for homeland and considers apologizing for the past and present reciprocal actions of defense (most likely ineffective without control of mainstream media) replaces bureaucracy - typically referred to as a strategy by design to inflict harm on American values, individual freedoms and liberties. / bah.roe.sho'.liz.em

• A style of government that attacks the premise of 'We the People" and the Constitution of the United States of America by use of divisive, deviate and distortion-like tactics - see Chicago brand politics, 44th White House resident.

Ba. rac.o.crite / ba.rock.oh.krit

• n. (pl. s) a portrayal of oneself or an individual in a manner contrary to reality.

• An individual of incredible wealth that steps forward professing inequity of a tax system, all the while taking advantage of available loopholes and a nonparticipant in traditional payroll system.

• An individual of recognized talent or stature expressing support for a cause as long as it doesn't apply to them individually - reference: mid-west billionaire, assorted members of the House and Senate, executives of mainstream media and various members of entertainment community.

Bar. rupt. ion / bar. rup.sion

• (verb) the act or result of dishonest policies and behaviors. see 44th White House resident, severe form of corruption, holder, buffet

Cam. pla.iner in chief / .en . 'cheev.fah'

• (n) a person that forsakes all responsibility of said office in addition to stated promises of previous election in order to begin campaign for re-election at mid-point of first term (hyping American job creation in a Canadian made bus).

• one who takes full credit for positive results regardless of the systems and/or strategies of those prior.

• A person that promotes oneself with the knowledge of challenges and has the ability to bring about positive results and yet performs to the contrary.

• An individual that continually assert blame on those before, all the while perpetuates and escalates challenges of the body elected to represent

• A person that promises hope and change with no apparent intention and/or ability to do so

• one who is touted as well read but demonstrates an extreme lack of common sense see 44th White House resident


• Acronym for Credibility Broken Since Dan Rather * see mainstream media

CNN / cee.en.en

• Acronym for Continuous Nonsensical Network * see mainstream media

Git.o.m /

• n. (pls.) an individual or group willing to relinquish personal freedoms in order to avoid responsibility for self reliance and pursuit of prosperity

• An avid subscriber to mainstream media in order to avoid one's own opinion and understanding of negative or positive future impact . albeit singular or mass

• An attitude of total disregard for sustainability and future generations

• An individual or a group that exerts incredible amounts energy to achieve the lifestyle of a parasite.

• A recipient that exhausts the full term of unemployment insurance without making an attempt to secure employment. see unions, "occupy wall street movement," non contributors to individual wellbeing. / hoe'

• n,pp (pl.s) a territory of injustice

• A place where a select group of people prevail over the mass regardless of constitutionality, legality or infringements of personal rights and freedoms

• A region that gives American rights to enemies of the United States

• A province that provides weapons to drug cartels to kill US border patrol officers and American citizens and defies congressional inquiries

• A state where you can attend $60,000 events and eat $12 muffins at the expense of the US taxpayers

• A country that allows a presumed well read individual and yet demonstrates a total lack of common sense to flourish as the top cop of the nation

• A National Department of Justice takes action or threatens to do so before reading and understanding what it is they are opposing. Turns a blind eye to matters of egregious constitutional and Federal and State law violations perpetrated by notorious hate mongering group.

Expressed positions of discrimination = to require an ID in order to vote and States that initiate strategies designed to protect their citizens and borders. see closet racist, unjust reparations, black panthers, intellectual masquerade.

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