human life an analysis

we all take birth without our choice atlas consciously. we are not sure how and where we will be born . but once born , we know after some time who our parents are . that is we come to know who created us.

SO choice of place of birth and in turn our background is not in our hands. ALSO we do not decide where we study. SO choice of school again is not again our hands.

But once we gain some knowledge and complete our schooling , we learn to take decisions of our life. We may then decide along with the help of the parents, relatives and neighbours and friends , what further course to study and what profession to take up.

We also get ideas as to how the life should be lived viz planning for future in terms of maintaining relationships, earning money, saving money , buying land and/or house.

we also learn about the marriage and how our parents created us as a part of the after effects of marriage. we learn from our experience the different aspects of married life.

We also learn the role of religion in our life.depending on the religion , we learn to spend our time for religion in various activities.

there are various opinions about god and religion. based upon the time spent and our interests , we try to learn about god and religion.

There are various basic parameters which decide the way we see life. Basic needs like water, house, clothes, food , if taken care, will aid us un spending more time on other aspects of life.

Of course again , based upon our background, we may spend time for social welfare. Social welfare actually begins in the house. for example , water scarcity is so acute, we can do enough for the country simply, by keeping our house taps leak free. and closing them when not in use. A huge amount of water can be saved if everybody takes care of this small aspect.

there is a saying , pennies collected together makes pounds.

another aspect of social welfare is waste management . Waste disposal is the in thing nowadays. With population bursting in its seam , and technology being so advanced and the number of employment opportunities being so high , good number of people are economically forward and their spending level is also too high and the after effect is that lot of waste is generated. In fact , the concept of repairing and using an item has been out of fashion , for a long time , now.

use and throw is the in thing now. so lotto categories of waste are generated.
Morethan anything else , segregation of waste at source is the need of the hour. If we can segregate plastic, recycled plastic, paper, degradable waste, electronic waste etc. , that is a great work to save the environment .

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