Minorities To Bear Atrocities

It is very sad to say that India the land of multilingual custom, tradition, food, attire and many more things has lost its charm. We cannot blame anyone for such happenings rather it's our ignorance, lack of education which is responsible for this drastic situation. The so called minority communities are being targeted for no reason. Actually the people of minorities are in no way involved or attached to any considerable work, but they are used to play the game of politics and vote bank for majority. People of minority lack in the field of education so they fail to understand the steps and measures taken by the majority. History cannot be denied or changed or ignored the pain and sufferings of these people always remain alive in their hearts. The year 1984 witnessed the dangerous situation occurred due to the assassination of Late Prime Minister Shri Indira Gandhi. People of some specific community were targeted. You just ask the people who were attacked by the mob, how they were left homeless without food and water? How they survived the situation. These are the things which spoil the image and status of our nation not only at national level but also at international level. It also abates the moral values. People should not abhor the so called minority because they are also human beings like everyone. They also have the right to live happily in our country. The state of Gujarat has seen riots in 2002 which made the people of minority community numb and silenced their voice forever. Even small kids, spinsters, young boys and old people of minority were slaughtered like animals. Recently the incident at Nandigram has shown where our society is standing. The attacks on Church, Nuns, Missionaries in states like Orissa and West Bengal has proved menace for Christian community. If such attacks and incidents go on than what will be the situation of our country. What have these people done? Actually they were not involved or connected with any incident. But the act was politically motivated to provoke seeds of divisions in the society. However it is to be noted that there is no specific religion considered as religion of the nation. All religions which are preached and practiced in India are like bunch of different flowers blooming in one single vase which may have different fragrance but they share common food, water, and sunlight which is given by Almighty God. So let us take a pledge that from today onwards we people would show deep concern of love, compassion and sympathy for minorities also than India can become a progressed nation to shine in the international arena.
Mr. Liyakat Shah

About Author / Additional Info:
A teacher by profession