This is a blog that is continually updated with new and exciting news about the use of insulation and new and old energy saving products. Saving energy will transfer to money savings on heating and cooling bills. Most houses are under insulated and even using the cheapest insulation will save you money and help keep you warmer. So insulate now and start saving money and help save the planet. The cheapest insulation per R value is the fiberglass roll insulation. This insulation comes in different thicknesses and widths for different applications. The cheapest blow-in type insulation is the cellulose type blow-in. This insulation is dirty and creates a lot of dust while installing it.

However it has one great advantage, it works better the colder it gets. The cheapest rigid foam board type insulation is the Styrofoam type. This insulation has very little R value and is limited in uses. It is good if you want a cheap insulation to insulate a shed or garage. It does have a problem with crumbling and is eaten on by birds and mice. The cheapest insulation is not always the best deal though. A very good insulation to use is the double bubble type insulation. This can be used in new construction and also used over existing insulation. This is a foil back roll and it is great in hot or cold climates. This is a reflective type insulation and will save you much money on your utility bills. This insulation can be used in the attic by laying over existing insulation or even stapled to the trusses. It is used in pole barn construction, new housing, and also has many commercial applications.

Insulation is very easy to install, however if you do not like this type of work, there are many contractors and handymen that can install this in a short time. Even paying labor costs, you will get the money back in savings on your utility bills. Check in with this blog often, it is updated regularly and has many new tips and advice for you. Don't forget to shop around for your insulation. You can save up to 15% or more for the same insulation by checking different stores and lumber yards. Always check by calling, you do not want to spend your savings in gasoline by driving to different stores. Have a great winter.

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